Saturday, 10 July 2010

ABC Warriors inbound

As the title suggests one of these bad boys is winging it's way to me for some major conversion work. And as hammerstine is the only one there's a kit of it's not hard to figure out witch one it is :)

But i have got my converted Joe Pinapples and plans are afoot to start Mongol as soon as Hammerstine get's here and i can get an idea of his size so Mong is the right scale, tho that''s objective depending on who's art work you choose to follow. for me it's gotta be Bizley for the win...

Ro-Jaws probably wont make the final cut but if i'm keeping to some sort of scale Mek Quake will be a humongostrosity :0

Aint that just the coolest BFG Hammerstines toting, gonna have to scratch one of them bad boys for him.

Ether Deadlock or Black Blood will follow them, i've got the doner kits already for them, Grud bless Japanese anime kits :)
Don't panic tho as the other project is 40 K related, an Abnett inspired Kill Team.
Unless the right shape, or inspiration to get the right shape for the Corsarius strikes then all bets are off as Simms flag ship is still haunting me, found meself doodelling it again last week.
Still it's good as i think my enforced 5 weeks of little or no modeling has returned my Mojo! sticky horrible heat and headaches be damned!
Heat crazed Blitz