Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The comp entry's in Post

Here's the final pics of my build for the day after the end comp with decals and weathering added.
Hope you all like my little dio. It was a fast build using what was on hand on the desk, literally even the parachute was kitchen roll for brush cleaning and the ma.k had been sitting at the edge of my desk for 3+ years.

Monday, 6 February 2012

The :0 i've finished a comp entry before the deadline post

And here's the WIP shots that i took during the build.
I started it about 2 weeks ago but have had a lousy cold last week and also pulled my back at work and to top it off got smacked in the face by a falling metal stud and slashed the top of my nose. Still a bit tender after 5 days but the gash has healed up nicely and you'd be surprised at how much blood you get from a little cut at the top of your nose. Anyway enough of  my woes and more about this chap.

 First pic is the raw source material a 1/35 Ma.K SAFS pre paint i picked up a couple of years ago at a show.

Second pic grey primer as i planned a new paint job for this guy.

I was i bit apprehensive blasting primer on him as i'd heard the pre-paints were prone to paint peeling and soft spots but so far so good. The detail on the 1/35 scale ma.k's arn't up to there 1/20 brothers but still not bad for this little dio.

Here's the start of the base and that's all you get to see as i'll reveal the finished work when the comp has closed, not that i'm looking to win just doing my
bit for the longer term future of SFM:UK competition's and prize funds.

That's ment to be a future retro Ma.K version of a cruse missile by the way.
Here's the best bit and why i went with this idea as i'd been looking to try salt weathering again on a smaller scale to see if it would workout.

First was a light dose of hairspray followed quickly by some randomly but well placed table salt. Wish i'd used sea salt now but thought it to big for this guy at the time.

Then a couple of passes with the air brush for the overall colour, (white if you hadn't guessed) If any salt falls off at this point dont worry there's always too much anyway lol.

Here he is with the start of the other colours going on and details getting blocked in like the joint gaiters.

Some of the weathering going on mostly dirty brush water and some GW wash for oil staining near joints.

When i tried to remove the salt by lightly scrubbing with an old tooth brush i soon encountered problems given the size of the model. So alt plan was to ping of the salt grains using a fine scalpel blade and the end result work'd out nicely as it has a rotten blistered paint look to it, and as he is a nuke disposal expert i'd imagine the odd leaky old warhead blistering away his paint.

Most of the other entry's are hardware and not dio's so i decided as i like a back story and some sort of reason for the model being in that situation i would go with a diorama for this comp.

Keep an eye out for the finished dio pics coming soon-ish as always :)