Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The i can't stop adding conversions post

Two more conversions to add to my special ops platoon, both long term veterans.
 First guy is toting a bolter cuz they are just cool looking in the hands of a guardsman. 
 I did the head a while back and spotted it floating around in the bits box and thought it deserved a body.
 There's a bit of art that i'll dig out that shows my inspiration for these two guys.

 Second guy toting a custom auto rifle and non standard body Armour. The head was done at the same time as the other one.
 His head gear is based again on a pic, suggested to me a rugby players head gear or maybe an under cap for a helm.
 And that's ment to be a steel whip i'll try to get a better shot of it if i don't replace it for actual steel hawser that i can loop up.

Hope you like and tell me what you think? I may have a couple more conversions in mind to bulk out the unit plus some ratling snipers to add. One of the ideas i've had is to try converting a Cadian into something approximating a drop trooper. Seen some fantastic las conversions that i'll def be referencing for these chop jobs, bog standard las guns are so last season :)
PS just got my grubby hands on a Game of Thrones DVD so i if i'm quite aint dead just lost in Westeros lol