Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy new year

Happy new year fellow bloggers

I've just spent a couple of hours unfollowing about 50 blogs that have slipped of the radar some just stopped updating and some officially closed down so i've slimmed down the list :) Still got 160-ish blogs i follow lol

2011 is looking like a good year for modelling and wargaming and i hope to get more done and more stuff published on here. The blog in 2010 has been lacking in content and for that i appologise but i think a lot of people have struggeled with keeping up there hobbies and i've been no exception. Here's hopeing this year starts as it means to go on, i'm planning to finish a model every week-ish be it a small one off figure or a scratchbuild. I've a lot of half finished stuff on the desk that i can get started on before attempting anything else but knowing me new sparkley things will distract me before long lol.

Hope everyone has a productive and happy new year and maybe i'll see some of you at Salute in 2011, i'm making it my mission to attend this year come hell or high water.


Monday, 4 October 2010

Dust models vid

Found this on Face book and just a bit gob smacked by it's awsomeness.

I'm currently in negotiations with the finance director (wife) to get me some of the Dust Models goodies for my birthday but may have to wait for the familys fiscal years end (crimbo) to finally get the green light and a perchasing chitty for one of these beautys.

Here's a link to the Dust site for more info


Monday, 23 August 2010

Back at the desk

Well after a month or more of doing very little in the way of modelling i'm back at it. Been a hectic month with working in Lincoln so traviling there has robbed me of most of my motivation to build and paint but a week off work begins taday so hope to have an update or 2 for the blog by weeks end.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

ABC Warriors inbound

As the title suggests one of these bad boys is winging it's way to me for some major conversion work. And as hammerstine is the only one there's a kit of it's not hard to figure out witch one it is :)

But i have got my converted Joe Pinapples and plans are afoot to start Mongol as soon as Hammerstine get's here and i can get an idea of his size so Mong is the right scale, tho that''s objective depending on who's art work you choose to follow. for me it's gotta be Bizley for the win...

Ro-Jaws probably wont make the final cut but if i'm keeping to some sort of scale Mek Quake will be a humongostrosity :0

Aint that just the coolest BFG Hammerstines toting, gonna have to scratch one of them bad boys for him.

Ether Deadlock or Black Blood will follow them, i've got the doner kits already for them, Grud bless Japanese anime kits :)
Don't panic tho as the other project is 40 K related, an Abnett inspired Kill Team.
Unless the right shape, or inspiration to get the right shape for the Corsarius strikes then all bets are off as Simms flag ship is still haunting me, found meself doodelling it again last week.
Still it's good as i think my enforced 5 weeks of little or no modeling has returned my Mojo! sticky horrible heat and headaches be damned!
Heat crazed Blitz

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Poacher WIP 3

Well here he is loaded up with enough kit to take down the biggest carnadons in the universe.
Added a carnadon tooth as a trophy from one of his hunts.

Made the effort to hang his scabbard on his left hip and i think it works pretty well.

Built a hu-mungus pump action shotgun/grenade launcher for bringing down megadons.

I figure the sword is a handy tool for finishing of a beast and as a back up in tight situations.

Next step is the painting and i'm torn between keeping it plain and simple or doing a special camo to further indicate his veteran status in a company of vets.
C+C always welcome.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Terminator Chaplin "almost" done

Here's the "almost" finished Termi Chaplin, just needs basing and i'll cal it finished but will wait till the rest of the terminators are done before having a basing session. Hope you like him.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Just back fron Scunthorpe and now off to Ingoldmells

And becuse of that hobby time hase been a big fat zero this week and looks like being the same next week. Plus with no light at the end of the tunnel as regards these rediculusly far of building sites they keep sending us to posts will be short sweet and few and far between so appols for this but i'll keep at it when i can.
One major problem i've found when i'm forced away from the hobby bench is the ton of cool ideas that come to me when i should be concentrating on stuff on the bench not planning the next 50 or so projects. I carry a note book now to try to save some of these ideas with short discriptions and doodels for looking back on.

When work gets less annoying i'll be back posting again on a more reguler basis and i may even have a plan of action as to where i want my building to go and what i post on this here blog.

Till later then,

Monday, 17 May 2010

Poacher wip 2

So scabberd on his back or hanging at his waist below the kit bag? or not at all. It's about the same size as the sword but looks huge so may try a slimmer version.

Also added the sling and a strap for his kit bag to finish him off.

Col Hessler asked about how i did the goggels and where the arms are from. Well the arms are from my Mordhiem game and the goggels are thin strips of metal turned on the end of my tweezers then pushed into the greenstuff. I then filled em with superglue to attempt a domed effect on them.

The head is from Mordhiem too, i just love that broken nose!

Final pic is a terminator chaplin im working on atm, still lots to do on him but more pics in the next post.


Saturday, 1 May 2010

More IG chop jobs

Second posts in a row after a week or two of nowt tho i have been commenting on others blogs which keeps me enthused about doing stuff like this. Anyway i'm so happy with this guy i could puke, why! cuz he's turned out just as i imagined he would. Still some green stuff and foil to add, sholder armour and rifle sling and maybe a scabberd for his pig stikker trophy weapon. My only niggel is his hand steadying his lasgun which looks to big but may paint it as a gloved hand to sort that. C+C welcome and do check out my previous post below on that inquisitor type guy i've been working on, thanks muchly chaps.

Inquisitor 3?

Finally finished off this guy and looking at him i'm feeling he may be more suited as an inquisitors henchman than an inquisitor himself. The sort of combat veteran that will become attached to a warband and progress to be a valued member over the years, helping lead the Inquisitors troops in situations when the warband find themselves in open warfare with the enemys of the Imperium. I will be adding some final touches before any more paint goes on him and hopefully get hold of some of those etched brass =]I[= that forge world produce. I'll need some more as i exspand the retinue. C+C always welcome.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Inquisitor 2

Here's my progress on the inquisitor, i've redone his left sholder armour and attached his weapons and arms. I've thinkened out his legs by making his clothes a bit more baggy and put some creases in them also.

Started on his banner also, this is an early pic i've done a load more since this pic. You'll see the changes in the next post but this guy is supposed to be a heretics corpse that he carrys into battle to help focus is mental powers on the enemy.

Just need to think up a groovy name for him and a bit of back story, it goes without saying he's a bit barmy and loves a good fight. So tell me what ya think of the weapons and the resculpt on his legs.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Here's my attempt at an inquisitor, using a mordhiem head and space marine body as the bases for it. I've tried to sculpt his legs as i wanted a non recognisable set of legs for him. Im trying to get a millitant warrior inquisitor that has seen a lot of action in his career with armour and kit he would have picked up along the way in his career.

Then there's the mesh armour, again something to make him not look like an SM or IG guy. Hopefully they will look ok when painted up.

Still need to put soles on the bottom of his boots, again non millitery looking (i hope).

The scroll thingy and knife are from the SM tac box, i've tried to make the knife look like it's sheathed and made a D ring to tart it up a bit.
Tommorow i'll get shots of his flamer and bolter plus try to get his sholder mesh armour attached, just waiting for the GS to cure, C+C always welcome ;)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sargeant Stregg and millinery tests

First up is sargeant Stregg of the Stalichian recon force. Pics are a bit poor i'm afraid sorry for that, seems the sun hasn't been told that summer time has started.
He still needs tidying up and basing plus i've gone an forgot to drill out his laspistol Doh.

The playing cards are from a u boat kit and the skull from the Cadian transfer kit overlayed, just thought a bit of art work on such an immence power fist would look cool.

On to the millinery tests, this was a try at a sargeants hat, something a bit more floppy and worn than an officers head gear.

With it being an NCO's head with a microbead set i added a strappy sort of thing, think it looks ok.

And an imp eagle that didn't work but next try will be better.

And then there's Bruce in his jungel hat lol, he may end up packing a heavy bolter.

If i do another one i'll try putting something in the hat band like a pack of lho sticks.

I wasn't intending to do these but looking around at other bloggist's posts the other night i was inspired to have a go at these, the plan was to tidy my desk but this was a lot more fun. C+C welcome.