Saturday, 10 April 2010

Inquisitor 2

Here's my progress on the inquisitor, i've redone his left sholder armour and attached his weapons and arms. I've thinkened out his legs by making his clothes a bit more baggy and put some creases in them also.

Started on his banner also, this is an early pic i've done a load more since this pic. You'll see the changes in the next post but this guy is supposed to be a heretics corpse that he carrys into battle to help focus is mental powers on the enemy.

Just need to think up a groovy name for him and a bit of back story, it goes without saying he's a bit barmy and loves a good fight. So tell me what ya think of the weapons and the resculpt on his legs.


  1. The guy looks great, especially now you've done a bit of work on the legs. Liking it a lot.


  2. Thanks, have finished off the banner now and will soon give it a blast of primer and start painting.