Thursday, 24 November 2011

DIY and twilight (hobby) Zone

 Ongoing DIY has seriously curtailed any hobby activity in my house for 2 weeks and i think i'm suffering withdrawl :(
So many ideas are rolling around my head and i've no way of getting them out lol.

 Still i've managed to keep the pc going so been checking the blog roll and getting even more ideas.

I would do some work at my hobby desk but as you can see it's been abandoned for some time in lew of a more parred down  nomadic form of modelling at the dinning room table.

I'm going to make it my mission to get this lot tidyed up in the new year.
And after seeing John Blanches work space over at Tears of Envy's blog i'm even moreinspiered to get cracking.

Normal Frankensurgery (tm) on models and muddy paint jobs will resume  in a few weeks when the wifes finished decorating (yep not me doing it lol) just advising role.


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inq28 Gunslinger, Templer psykologis, and Interrigator

 Second try seemsto work fine. Gunslingers head got a bit squoshed as i left him on the dinning room table when i packed away at midnight so he ended up on the floor :{ He'sa mix of WH and 40K bits plus some liberal amounts of green stuff and Andrea sculpt.
 Templer Psykologis. Going for an enhanced look for him. Obviousley guard vet of a psykologis unit with hallucinogenic grenades and panic inducer (the thing on his back, still stuff to do there)
 Again a mix of bits from WH and 40K sources plussome blu stuff press molds putto gooduse on duplicating some grenades.

 Interrigator wip, because the arms were so different i snipped them short and pinned them so i could rebuild the arms on him.

His right arm is pants and such a funny angle so re snipping that and may have it bent upwards. Also needs to be a smidge longer. I've also missed the pic of his back, thats the best bit lol.

C+C most welcome gents and gentesses.


Inq28 gunslinger, Templer psykologis, interrogator.

Well here's my gunslinger but the other pics are refusing to load as blogger is being a muppet. I will try to load them a bit later on before i start changing stuff on them lol.