Sunday, 25 November 2012

Onwards to number 3

 The starting point, legs repotioned from to different doner models and the torso positioned.
 Straitning up the hand to get the look right.
 Left arm less his hand and the head (from the scout set) added. Also managed to sand the lower legs from what was there instead of GSing them.
 Mk7 helm sanded down and below the finished Mk 6 mag locked to his right thigh.

 Left side studded shoulder guard done.

 Given the limitations of the new multi part plastic over the one off sculpts from back in the day i think this is the closest i've got so far. Picked the next two miniatures and will try to do them at the same time as i need tomove onto the pile of figuers and kits hanging around and this is proving a massive but fun distraction i'm afraid lol.
Hope you like and feedback always welcome.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

side project miniature No2

 And so it begins anew, here's the legs modified for the new stance and a back section to build up from.
 Head and arm attached with the beginings of the front torso.
 Sorry camera went missing for a while but this is how it stands on the base. Again the chain sword is homemade and was an attempt to replicate the original. The front torso and power cables built up and his lower leg armour shaping up. The cybernetic arm isn't quite right but hopefully some added gubbins will help the look.
 Buzz saw on the back of his uagmetic hand for supprising his enemys in close combat, there's a bar to make it look like it exstends when in use.

 The original arm did not have any shoulder guard so ive taken some artistic licence and added some with a skull.

 Here he is next the the original RT era marine and again i,ve failed to get that lean into his upper torso which is annoying as hell but the larger parts from the newer miniatures dont lend them selves to it well. It is dooable but the legs at the start were wrong so next attempt i'll consentrate a lot more on getting the stance correct before cannonballing onwards with the rest of the build.
C and C welcome as always.
This post will hopefully automatically post itself on Tuesday at 13.27 pacific standard time, now i dont have the foggiest idea when that'll be but if your reading this it worked :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

progress is slow but worth it.

Here's number one of my side project to re-interprit some old school RT era marines.

 Legs started off as some 4th ed boxed set marines and the torso from the bits box Chain sword is home made double set teeth and is a bit longer than standard.
 Shoulder guard is a sanded down modern one and the bolter is a green stuff press mold copy, sits more snugly on his upper leg. The skull on the back pack is another push mold.
 The beacky helm is a mk 7 reworked as i've none in the bits box (I here ebay a calling) and the lower legs were scored and the tag added to simulate the original miniature.

 Side by side with the old school original. Now we see the reason for reworking him using new plastic marine parts and lashings of green stuff he's a short chap and wouldn't look right next to the modern models. Couldn't quite get the stance right or the arm crossing the body as the new torso's are much more substantial.
Maybe i could have canted him leaning into the swing more but as this was the first test model i didn't wont to attemptto much frankensurgery(tm) on myy first go. Next re-imagining is far more involved and you shall be seeing him very soon as he's done already and will be uploaded mid week for your delictaion and comments.

Cand C always welcome.