Sunday, 25 November 2012

Onwards to number 3

 The starting point, legs repotioned from to different doner models and the torso positioned.
 Straitning up the hand to get the look right.
 Left arm less his hand and the head (from the scout set) added. Also managed to sand the lower legs from what was there instead of GSing them.
 Mk7 helm sanded down and below the finished Mk 6 mag locked to his right thigh.

 Left side studded shoulder guard done.

 Given the limitations of the new multi part plastic over the one off sculpts from back in the day i think this is the closest i've got so far. Picked the next two miniatures and will try to do them at the same time as i need tomove onto the pile of figuers and kits hanging around and this is proving a massive but fun distraction i'm afraid lol.
Hope you like and feedback always welcome.


  1. Best one so far. Really like it.

  2. Thanks. Number 4 is looking a bit ropey but hopeing to pull it together with a head swap.