Saturday, 26 February 2011

Panic over and one Viper done

"Who the hell are you and wheres my ground crew?"
"Caprica news net sir, I'm Poppy Cambell and this is Nate Blakewell my cam op, were here to interview you"
"No one told me about this. There's a hanger full of pilots why pick me?"
" I belive your name was picked out of a hat lietenant. By the Cag whilst you were on long range patrol"

" And i bet every slip of paper had Blitzspear scrawled on it. Wait till i see him" That's why flite control were sniggering when i got my landing instructions, the Gak heads.
" So that interview Lietenant, can we do it now or should i come back after your finished here"

"It'll have to wait i'm loading up with 4 nuclear hellstorm missiels and going after a Cylon heavy tanker as soon as my ground crew get off there butts and refule me. Anyways it'll make for a better interview when i get back.
"So your long patrol was an unaventful one Lietenant"
"Apart from spotting a lone tanker with nothing to kill it with no oh except the waist systems broke so i got a lot of yellow liquid in drinks bottles rolling around the cockpit"
Ok Lietenant i'll probably get back to you about that interview whilst you sort out your err tidying up."
"Oh i'm not cleaning that up. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggg where are you i've a presant for ya.
Well that's my bit of the group build done and dusted and just in time for the South Cheshire Militaire
If any of you guys in the Wargaming world are attending there are some gaming models on display there, well there was 2 years ago anyway. It's an excellent opp to get some tools and sundries also at reasonable prices plus cheep kit bash fodder from the second hand kit sellers so if your near Crewe pop down/over/up which ever direction you may be coming from.
I'll be on the SFM:UK table just ask for Blitz or the guy that did Lady Gaga in his Viper dio LOL
Plus we have sweets and Star wars posters up for grabs but you need to say hi and also be a kid for the posters lol

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Panic stations

Watch dear reader as what i thought was 6 weeks to finish this Viper and its dio and 3 figuers to accompany it suddenly turns into 2 Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrge.
I know i do work well under pressuer but getting Fubruary 27 and March 27 mixed up is causing me to have a panic attack and swear off Major group builds, Especially ones that need finishing for a big reveal at a major model show with 9 other Vipers.
Oh and my car is lacking a spear wheel and is sounding very poorly at the mo so if i get the Viper finished i may not make it to Crewe in the old rust bucket anyway Hummmmmmmmmph.
May have to implament the secret plan B option and also ignore the family for 2 weeks, that shouldn't be hard tho.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Here's my attempt at Hammerstine the leader of the ABC Warriors of 2000ad fame. Its an old kit that a modelling buddy gave me to play with last year and i've been chopping it about and adding details to better refelct the 2000ad art work. It's not based on one particuler artists interpritation of Hammerstine tho i have leaned towards the Biz's art the most i must admit :)

Also if i try to keep in scale with Hammerstine my Mongol scratch will be about twice the size of Hammerstine, Luckely the Joe Pinapples i bashed up a couple of years ago is about the right size in comparison. Just wish there were not 7 of them :( thats a lot of Gundam/votom kits to perform frankensurgery on lol.

Paint on this after the Viper is done and dusted later this month fingers crossed.

Ps sorry about the kak spelling i've a nasty cold thats clogging my brain up at the mo.