Friday, 30 September 2011

Finished Hammerstine

Hammerstine done and packed away till needed to clense Mars or the Termite empire lol.

As he had a bum eye on the cast i did it as a well bum eye with oil staines over his face to suggest hard combat. This last pic is my fave ;)

Just another quick link some may be intrested in that was posted today on SFM;UK
It may well be on another blog but i've not seen a link posted to the instructables site and thought it may be of intrest to any budding uber terrain builders :0


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Brampton Model show 2011

clicky for bigger piccy.
Here's some quick pics of the sfm table at the Brampton Model show i attended today.

The ma.k table mostly Aluns and Erics excellent work with a couple of my builds in there to pad it out lol.

Pete's latest build and most impresive in the flesh, pics dont do it justice.

Hammerstine finished and on display, just!

Ian's moon bus dio was a star attraction.

Mangamaxs cratch built space ship, i was most impressed by this.
Hope you like um and a bit different form all the GD pics we are going to be assulted with over the next few days lol.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hammerstine close ups

 Ok so first up is a warning when using these pop up photo tents. Do Not Open anywhere nere your models as it springs open sending your model flying and i do mean FLYING GRRRRRRRRRR. Only damage was his right arm fell of but will attempt some franken-surgery(TM) tommorow.
 Just the face to detail and some bits and bobs to touch up and i can call him finished BUT do you the blogosphere think his BFG needs to be grungier to match the rest of him?
 Bear in mind that i'm trying to emulate the artistic style of the Biz the 2000ad artist that in my opinion rendered the ABC's in there most raw and visceral incarnation. So it's gotta be grungy but not messy and i dont know if i've got that to come across in my attempt.

I'm happy over all with him as long as i get the face right and it pops when finished and on display at Brampton next Sunday. Fingers crossed :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New photographic tent and inq28 conversions

Tent in all it's glory

Here's the new photo tent and some shots using the different backgrounds. Not overly impressed with my first attempts, i dont think the light was strong enough or maybe another one at the side.

Also need to play with the cameras settings and maybe get advise from the guys at sfm some are excellent photographers so will have to pick there brains but any suggestions in the comments would be more than welcome.
Its ment to fit in that black bag, not gonna happen.
  It packs down very small but thats a job for the wife i'm rubbish at that.

Below are the 4 different backgrounds that come supplied with the tent with a quicky convertion for my Inq28 warband more on her later.

red background supposedly :)

Black background

Blue background

White background
Just a quick note about followers, firstly welcome along to my 2 new followers and secondly it seems i've no way of knowing who my followers are anymore. It seems to have been disabeled on other peoples blogs also. Any ideas when /if they are coming back? i do like to visit the blogs of those who follow me and leave the odd comment from time to time so this is a bit annoying.


Monday, 12 September 2011

Quik hobby update before tea

Well life has been unbelevable busy at the moment, Wedding season is eating up all my free time at the weekends but hopefully this will settle down soon (tho it dose supply me with more Champagne corks than i know what to do with lol.

On the hobby front the Inq28 project is plodding along nicely I've become a nomadic modeller again as i can't get at my desk at the moment. The piles of assorted crud littering my desk and around my desk has finally defeated me and a major autumn clean is requierd and i've no time to do this.

We also got a photo tent from evilbay for a tenner and very impressed we are too (that me and the wife, she intends to use it for her craft thingys also) it comes with no less than 4 different backgrounds and a side zip for getting pics of glass and other shiney things. I'll do a proper review some time soon-ish.

Also in the post an order from Let The Dice Decide an online bits shop. Ordererd late wednesday night and arrived Sat morning, well packerged in bubble wrap and everything accounted for yum, i do love the little bits that can turn a bleh model into something cool. Funny thing is i've probably been workinhg within 30 mins drive from where thay are based these last 6 months lol.

It's also 2 weeks till the Brampton model show and its full steam ahead finishing off variouse builds but after that i'm going to consentrate on inq28 and the post apoc comp build. Going with Baron Radhoffens post apocaliptic flying circus first. :)

And finally it's Talk like a Pirate day on 19th Sept so i exspect some arrrges and avasts and ye scurvy dogs from the blogworld.