Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New photographic tent and inq28 conversions

Tent in all it's glory

Here's the new photo tent and some shots using the different backgrounds. Not overly impressed with my first attempts, i dont think the light was strong enough or maybe another one at the side.

Also need to play with the cameras settings and maybe get advise from the guys at sfm some are excellent photographers so will have to pick there brains but any suggestions in the comments would be more than welcome.
Its ment to fit in that black bag, not gonna happen.
  It packs down very small but thats a job for the wife i'm rubbish at that.

Below are the 4 different backgrounds that come supplied with the tent with a quicky convertion for my Inq28 warband more on her later.

red background supposedly :)

Black background

Blue background

White background
Just a quick note about followers, firstly welcome along to my 2 new followers and secondly it seems i've no way of knowing who my followers are anymore. It seems to have been disabeled on other peoples blogs also. Any ideas when /if they are coming back? i do like to visit the blogs of those who follow me and leave the odd comment from time to time so this is a bit annoying.



  1. "A dyslexic man walks into a bra.."


  2. Lol thats a good one i may use it as a tag line on forums, thanks