Friday, 30 September 2011

Finished Hammerstine

Hammerstine done and packed away till needed to clense Mars or the Termite empire lol.

As he had a bum eye on the cast i did it as a well bum eye with oil staines over his face to suggest hard combat. This last pic is my fave ;)

Just another quick link some may be intrested in that was posted today on SFM;UK
It may well be on another blog but i've not seen a link posted to the instructables site and thought it may be of intrest to any budding uber terrain builders :0



  1. Bajeezus that is awesome! haha. Nice!

  2. Man that turned out just fantastic. Well done!

  3. Thanks i'll deff do more attempts at salt weathering on vehicels and such, since doing H i've found some better advice on how to do it. Hammerstine was an exstream example of well worn mecha lol.