Monday, 30 April 2012

The i seem to have lost the plot post

Below or maybe above im not sure how this will post (on phone ) are pics of my latest endeavor.
Very wip at the moment but it seems I've lost the plan i had for this guy. First idea was for an accolite maybe old savant, but the head changed then the hammer turned up and im now not sure what he is. Think some more gs and doodads may see him become an inquisitor.
What do you guys think. Keep going for an inquisitor or not right and try for something else?
Also converted him a stylish laz gun that now interfears with the hammer.

 sorry about the pics i'll know not to do portrait next time i mobile blog. I'm keen to get him finished and then have a good look at were i'm at with the warband(s) i've randomly produced in a slow frenzy of ohh that's a good idea or oh shiney i'll chop you up and add youto the mix lol anyway more pics soon-ish.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The rugby guy and skid lid update post

 Skid Lid  (that's a slang name here in the UK for motorbike helmets btw) has got some extra shoulder Armour and i'll call him finished but he may get a doppelganger for my Inq28 warband. An older grimmer vet if that's possible :o
 Bit judge dread-ish and could have been sharper but old leather armour gets mis-shapen over time i guess.

 Rugby guy gets a more gladiatorial sholder protection but still umming and arrrring over that whip may lose that altogether and have a blade instead, what do you think?

 Below's the art work that set me on this "lets try to recreate inquisitor art kick" i'm on at the moment. Only 2 or 3 more of these to do as the base mini's come into my possesion.
Let me know what you all think CandC always welcome.
Maybe another week till next update as i've some work to do getting my bar ready for the wedding season. Also i have a big project in the design faze that's taking me away from the hobby desk and is proving addictive But gotta stick to the prelim sketching stage or will muck up the build stage.


Monday, 9 April 2012

The Inq28 interrogator finished post

 The initial bits assembled tho the arm carrying the banner got tossed as it over shadowed everything else on the model so i'll use that for another acolyte convertion. 
 Looked a bit ropey at this point did a lot of adjusting to the head to get it sitting right. The body was an old guard conversion i never completed and the trench coat i'd done already saved me lots of work and was perfect for this model.
 Most of the main sculpting work done just the details to add. See last post for more pics of this stage plus the   art i based it off.
360 pics of him all finished up and details added. click pics to embiggen.
 The overboot gaters are one of the things i liked about the art work, simple to do but changes the look of the feet totally.
 Extra long chain sword, used an empire sword handle to make it look more bespoke as befits an interrogator
i'm going to have a crack at another chain sword soon just need to work out better method of doing the teeth.

 The art suggests a micro bead in is ear so improvised one as i did his dust goggles. Worked quite well but not something i'd do too often.
 I added the purity seals there not in the art work but needed them to finish him off i think.
 I wasn't happy with the dust goggles when i did them but they look ok in these pics so will have to do some more on other conversions as they do look cool lol.
That plasma gun may be the only thing letting him down. I did consider a plasma pistol but the art suggest a custom plasm gun that's longer than a pistol but this is too heavy i think. I may have a go at scratching up a custom job for him as long as the coils look right. Maybe forming wire over a plastic block could work and slimming down the body and larger fuel cells could give it the bespoke look i'm after.

I'd Love to hear what you think of him, really love to hear some feed back on my green stuff-ing technique  and have i captured the spirit of the artwork if not a carbon copy (never my intention btw) just inspiration as my last attempt at an interrogator was pants big time. Maybe trying to do 2 conversions at the same time ment one was good (Templer Psykologis) and the other was terrible.

C and C welcome


Saturday, 7 April 2012

The inspiration from Inquisitor art post

First attempt at blogging from the desk with pics.
These pics are my latest conversion inspired by the dude on page 46 of the Inquisitor rule book.
Based on a cadian body and empire head and arms with lashings of the lovely green stuff on top lol.

C & c welcome

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The oh no blitz is mobile post

As the title suggests im writing this post on my phone sitting in the comfy chair. Didn't realise how integrated Google had become. Well expect some more posts on here as i think i can blog from the model desk. Just need to work out uploading pics.