Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Scraping the bottom of the bits box

Retro rebuild part one.
that's the official title from now on btw.
Here's what i could dredge up from the bottom of the bits box to get started on this project. Some very old legs and a backpack from the dawn of time and a mordhiem head that floated to the top at just the right time. 

 The legs got a chop and some scalpel work to reposition them to make his centre of gravity lower, may have not done enough but will have to go with that.

 Mordhiemer with a now doo and goatee, may have a second attempt at his goatee when he gets attached to the torso.

 His helm sanded and green stuffed into a beacky helm to go at his waist.

 Legs re sculpted to make them two part retro style, his boots may get altered too in the final pose.

 The pauldron sanded down and studs added for that heresy look, undecided about sanding the other shoulder to match the original leave it with the edging.

Some better pic of the original mini I'm basing this on. That's a bolt pistol at his right hip, need to dig up an older version of that from the stash but it's my only one so may have a go at copying it.
Here you can see the helm and studded shoulder plus his imo quite groovy boots. In the final pose they will be a bit more bent as he swings that awesome chainsword. I have added the line down his lower leg armour that was a pain to do but worth it, just noticed the small oblong on there and will have to add that next session.

Hopefully i'll get the legs torso and head put together and have stated on his arms position and scratching the chainsword up.

That's it for now, feedback always welcome.

Oh i'll be at the Brampton model show on Sunday at the SFM:UK table so if any ones about pop by best just ad it's not in Brampton it's in St Ives Cambs. Use your Gooogle fu for full details.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A retro future nostalgia side project

Hideho interblog peeps, back again with a bit of nostalgia that's inspired me to do some more converting and this time it's not IG it's Marines.
The idea is to try to replicate these 4 classic RT era space marines using plastic marines and bits from FW plus lashings and lashings of Green stuff of course :) I blame Ron at From the Warp with all those lovely conversions and tips that have infected my mind with too many ideas. 
First off is this guy (now i must just point out i was about 13 when theres were painted so don't be harsh) the chain sword will need to be scratched but i think I've the skills from the Guardsman's in the last post. He also has a nifty buzz saw on the back of his bionic hand that i hope to replicate also.
Thanks to the tips Ron at FTW (link in the side bar) the legs sans knee pads shouldn't be a problem or the exo power cables on his chest.

This chap will be mostly getting his arms in the right place but i may make his stance a bit more aggressive and canted foreword more as if he's leaning into his bolter but that's artistic licence.

 This ones my absolute fave an early Space Wolf, Ive seen him painted as a Space Wolf on the interwebs.His beeky helm is mag locked behind his left hip and a bolt pistol at his right. Again a scratch built Chain sword for him and a bit more swing in his stance as if he's really going to hack into his enemy.
  Finally this guy, he's got the look of an NCO to me assessing the situation and ready to react and issue orders to his men. Less movement in him but a lot of intensity to capture in my take on him. Will need to find a grizzled vets head for this marine. Also his bolter may get a custom top loading mag for his two handed bolter stance so may add an under slung grenade launcher.

May have a dig around in the box of lost soldiers for a 5th member to add to the mix and round out the squad. I don't think any heavy weapons were about in the early days of space marines but i'll have to check out some old white dwarfs. There may have been an early rocket launcher before RTB01 but the old grey matter is not what it used to be.

So what do you think of my cunning plan, worthy of Baldrick or complete insanity.

If you guys have any suggestions for what bits to use or the 5th member toting something with more punch from the RT era give us a shout. 
I will get started on this project once i've restocked on some plastic marines,  bits an bobs from other sources and gathered my wits about me. I've no idea which one i'll start with they all have something about them the grizzled vet Sergeant, the wild swordsman or the eager young marine freshly promoted to the battle company or the bionically enhanced assault specialist in that fetching yellow and blue paint job.

Until next time

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Not been idel attempt 2

After last posts poor attempt at convaying to you good people my attempts at painting the wee mini men i have endevard to take better pics that you can embiggen but the lack of any decent sunlight when i get home means the pics are a bit dark so i'll just post a few and redo the session at the weekend if shmbo and other job and putting a tv ariel up for my mates boat dont get in the way.

 Inq acolyte with his masters reference books, thought this would have been moreof a slogto paint but turned  out a very enjoyable paint.

 Vostroyan sniper again a very detailed mini and something id have avoided in the past but my warband needs some remote firepower to cover the front men and he's such a lovely mini.

 A lovely classic Guardsman to try out my camo pattern again and he's a nice companion for the officer i did at the start of the year, an aide to watch his back/ make coffey:)

Of all the convertions i did this one's pics turned out the best so i've included them also. Oodles of green stuff and very thin plasticard and random bits from the bits box went intothis guy and he's based on art work from the Inq rulebook. Going to paint him next me thinks :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

i know I've been quiet but I've not been idle

Evening folks just a quik photo dump from my phone again sorry about that. having some teething problems getting my head around the new pc.
Anyway here's 4 finished figs for my irregular IG unit of waif and strays i'm slowly building and a few shots of my conversions that are in grey primer and next on the paint table.
They look pretty good in one colour from the random grey green white and browns of before i think you'll agree, it's a wonder what a spot of primer can do.

Sunday Update I've convinced the new pc to downloadthe pics from figuer world 2012 so exspect them soon but this means i can goget some much better and bigger pics of these last models and appols again for the smallness and not being able to embiggen them at all.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

viper landed

about 2 weeks ago but been super busy and was hopeing get some better shots than from my phone.
They look fantastic and will by getting joined by some extra squads eventually.
I'd just like to say thanks to For Holy Terror for running the reverse painting comp and painting up such a fabulous prize.