Saturday, 15 September 2012

i know I've been quiet but I've not been idle

Evening folks just a quik photo dump from my phone again sorry about that. having some teething problems getting my head around the new pc.
Anyway here's 4 finished figs for my irregular IG unit of waif and strays i'm slowly building and a few shots of my conversions that are in grey primer and next on the paint table.
They look pretty good in one colour from the random grey green white and browns of before i think you'll agree, it's a wonder what a spot of primer can do.

Sunday Update I've convinced the new pc to downloadthe pics from figuer world 2012 so exspect them soon but this means i can goget some much better and bigger pics of these last models and appols again for the smallness and not being able to embiggen them at all.



  1. My neck hurts.... >_<

    Wish we could click on the pics to get a bigger better less-sideways view cos what I see I'd love to see more clearly cos I think it is cool? :)

  2. blimey you must have been checking them out pretty quickly after i posted cuz i was strait on the pc too flip them right way up. I'm non too happy with the pics myself so im going to retake them in day light and confront the new pc's recalcitance to my requests to down load of my camera. or ask the wife nicely lol

  3. I'll second the request for larger pics. I love custom guard models and it looks like you've done some GS work as well?