Friday, 31 July 2009

Been Surfing for Armour

It seems that the next Group build on SFM:UK will be alternative armour ie 2 and 4 legged walkers and hover tanks and well anything that's not your bog standerd tracked armoured vehicle. So with this in mind i've been looking at the Junk Tank Rock site and from there found a few more links to Ma.k Blogs and sites. All this is in japanese and not wanting to kill my PC i've not been translating them so it's a bit like playing russian roulett when you hit a link. The JTR forum seems to be having a discussions about ladys handbags :0 and wrist watches uh.

Heres a couple of links to be going on with so ya know what the devil i'm on about lol

I'm going to dig out some links for Dust models also as they are a great source of inspiration for the group build also.

I've got a couple of ideas for my builds taking some design cues from Junk Tank Rock and to a lesser exstent Dust.

Dooodles may be getting posted next possible of ideas for this or maybe random stuff unrelated to this ;)


Friday, 24 July 2009

Back from Kent

Tak and Makman
Alun (the Guv nor)

Modelmac and Makman

The holy of holys if ya have a fat wallet and little sense.

"He wants how much for that alien kit!!!!!"
Incredible Fruit being told the price of an old Halcyon kit in Comet lol

Holidays are all over now, was very nice seeing my big sister and Alex and Ed also. Plus i started the week with a meet up in London of some of the SFM:UK crew and a visit to Comet Miniatures. Also Maidstone seems to have a better class of reader as i picked up half a dozen good scifi/alt history books from the charity shops there, result!
Back to modelling stuff soon as my thumb gets better ( it very poorly)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Off on me Hols (at last)

Well it's only 2 days till we set of on holiday and I'm looking forward to it immensely (bit knackered of late) Unfortunately all the pre camping prep means I'm not going to finish of the Victorian moon lander in time (damn it) and gonna lose a week on the FRS (double damn it). I here by promise to finish of both builds before attempting any more scratchbuilds and to complete at least 2 OOB kit builds before i start on my Uber project.

I may be able to update the blog whilst away with my sisters laptop so i can report on the SFM meet at Comet Miniatures on Saturday.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bench update at last

Quick shot of a 1/16 figure I'm converting to a futuristic fighter pilot. Still in the early stages but something i can pick up whilst things dry and such.
Big antenna

Some paneling and my first attempt at casting, the yellow stuff was a casting from the bottom of a plastic package that the Sunday dinner chicken came in. I thought it would look good as a sensor bank or sum such thing.

Above and below the greebly trench is nearly finished and so is the cockpit hole so next is a cote of grey and then more filling and sanding of the lower hull. I'm hoping that it will all come together with a nice cote of grey primer (fingers crossed)

With yet more weekend work approaching and a new work site that will see me leaving the house at silly o clock in the morning and late back not much will happen till after i return from our week away in Kent. Then it's crack on and get her finished up before the deadline :)

More plane pics

I think this is a Hawker Hunter above. And below are some detail pics of different planes.
May have to use this witch squadron patch on a future build.

Something you don't see all that often, hatches open to inspection above and below. I think this is the sea vixen but I'll have to check the long shots of this.

More air museum pics

Well free time this week has been lacking and i did promise to upload some more pics from our day out so here they are. Above and below is the gannet, you have no idea how massive this plane is till your stood next to one.

Below is an F104 starfighter in tip top condition.

And an F86 Saber, without us sat infront having a picnik lol

More coming soon and also an update from the bench at last!! :)