Monday, 22 August 2011

The Day after the End comp

 My online local scifi modelling club are holding a comp and as the title suggests it's post apocaliptic in nature but can be anything not just nukes. Also open to dios or stand alone oob builds or scratch builds.
Here are my ideas so far

Idea 1:
Every one hooks onto the idea of  Madmax's car or the other cars and buggys from the
films, my idea is to do a riff on the flying machine from the second movie. maybe even a post apoc flying circus with a couple of planes cut together from other planes. If any of you follow consept starships blog you will have seen some of the fantastic mashup planes he sometimes posts.

I've saved alot of them for inspriation so i'm set on that front.

Second idea: A flat bed truck being pulled by a team o oxen and an old caravan/motorhome towed behind with the family group walking along side. Thinking of calling it the scrap prospectors family. The flatbed will be loaded with junk and a wooden block and tackel rig will be on it.

May have them hoisting up an old engine block with it.

Idea 3: Guy on a horse mad max stiley and the horse is all kitted out in bio hazard stuff (home made looking gas hood and stuff like that.

Will see what kits i can procure at the Brampton model show .
I'll attemp to add a pic with a link to SFM:UK in the side bar later on if anyones instrested in taking a look or even joining in, all are welcome.
There may be more ideas as time progresses but these 3 are my faves at the moment.

So what da ya all think?


Monday, 15 August 2011

Inq28 ideas

Above are my embrionic ideas for some inquisitor warbands cept the top pics which are going to be my stand ins for arbatus or RT ships armsmen. They were a steal at £10.00.

Pic 2 is all GW models and may stay the same unless i add a swordswoman to the mix. Thinking hereticus for him and his crew and maybe will add some more troopers to his force will poss get some unusual figs for inq storm troopers, i've spotted some that wouldconvert nicely.

Pic 3 a randommix that i think will work but some may be added or swopped out. Guess which one i'm thinking to convert to the inquisitor.

Pic 4 is going to change the most i'm just not sure of this group, the Vostroyans are whats left of an honor guard given to the inq in gratitude for some assistance he gave to a Vos regiment in the past the girl is his pilot/investigator and the inq is a well traveled senior inquisitor, flamboyant and bombastic in his methods probably ordo Xenos with a large retinue and not known for subtlety.

As i said this is very early stages and it could change as new eye candy takes me in other directions but will try to stick to the plan.

Going to try getting some random gangers/bad guys to add to the mix maybe some necromunda guys or similer but the arbitus will have to do for now or this project will spiral out of control as usual defeating the object of trying out INQ28. Less models + less painting  time = more gaming hopefully if i can convince Matt this is fun but i'll have to do a Word Bearers crew to get him to try it out lol.


pre blog post, post

I'll attempt to get some shots of my recent perchases and load them up tonight if the ebay queen lets me use MY camera. It's mostly models for my INQuisitor warband ideas at 28mm. I'm hopeing to get a hold of an INQ rulebook to if the gods are smileing on my this week.

Plus i have figuered out how to leave comments again, most annoying being unable to leave comments on other blogs, it was just a case of un-ticking the keep me logged in check box.


Friday, 5 August 2011

Hammerstine in salt.

Here's the progress pics of Hammerstine. He was primered in a few shades of grey first then naturel sea salt was very liberally stuck to his armore plates and then he was oversprayed with red. By the time id done this a lot of salt had come away so i reaplied more salt and used (i think) fire wastes orange (old citadel paint)
After this the salt was scrubbed off with a tooth brush and for reasons unknown to me i then applied sunburst yelow ink. Next up will be the the oil washes and the cabeling on his chest and arms and legs.
Before i forget i should mention i used a very old can of elnett hairspray to stick the salt on.
There are some very good how too's online about the salt weathering tech.


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sneek Peek

 Here's a quick sneek peek at Hammerstine more pics of the process to follow shortly. But i think when he's finished he will be looking like something the cat dragged in ( a very big cat )