Friday, 5 August 2011

Hammerstine in salt.

Here's the progress pics of Hammerstine. He was primered in a few shades of grey first then naturel sea salt was very liberally stuck to his armore plates and then he was oversprayed with red. By the time id done this a lot of salt had come away so i reaplied more salt and used (i think) fire wastes orange (old citadel paint)
After this the salt was scrubbed off with a tooth brush and for reasons unknown to me i then applied sunburst yelow ink. Next up will be the the oil washes and the cabeling on his chest and arms and legs.
Before i forget i should mention i used a very old can of elnett hairspray to stick the salt on.
There are some very good how too's online about the salt weathering tech.



  1. this is some really kick ass stuff you have here!!

  2. Thank you sirs much appreciated. Warflake i trie leaving a comment last weekon your blog but failed misrably but now i've figuerd out how to again i'll be commenting on it. Again thanks muchly :)