Monday, 22 August 2011

The Day after the End comp

 My online local scifi modelling club are holding a comp and as the title suggests it's post apocaliptic in nature but can be anything not just nukes. Also open to dios or stand alone oob builds or scratch builds.
Here are my ideas so far

Idea 1:
Every one hooks onto the idea of  Madmax's car or the other cars and buggys from the
films, my idea is to do a riff on the flying machine from the second movie. maybe even a post apoc flying circus with a couple of planes cut together from other planes. If any of you follow consept starships blog you will have seen some of the fantastic mashup planes he sometimes posts.

I've saved alot of them for inspriation so i'm set on that front.

Second idea: A flat bed truck being pulled by a team o oxen and an old caravan/motorhome towed behind with the family group walking along side. Thinking of calling it the scrap prospectors family. The flatbed will be loaded with junk and a wooden block and tackel rig will be on it.

May have them hoisting up an old engine block with it.

Idea 3: Guy on a horse mad max stiley and the horse is all kitted out in bio hazard stuff (home made looking gas hood and stuff like that.

Will see what kits i can procure at the Brampton model show .
I'll attemp to add a pic with a link to SFM:UK in the side bar later on if anyones instrested in taking a look or even joining in, all are welcome.
There may be more ideas as time progresses but these 3 are my faves at the moment.

So what da ya all think?


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