Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The playing favorites post

 Inspired by Admiral Drax's chain post http://admiraldrax.blogspot.com/2012/01/294-playing-favourites-chain-post.html here's my rundown ala Drax's list.

Wargames period :  40k grim dark all the way for me i'm afraid altho i'll admit to picking up a WWII Warlord German platoon to see what all the fuss was about and tho smaller than GW heroic 28mm there very nice. I've no idea what system i'd use to play a game with them but i've got them if i needz them.
Scale :  heroic 28mm

Rules : O hell! well i have to admit i'm S**T at rules but enjoyed playing Adaptus Titanicus and Space Hulk when they first came out, Rogue Trader was a mind boggler and really didn't get into 40k again till my late teens and then another hiatus has seen me only return to it in the last 5 or 6 years. I've recently read the large scale Inquisitor rule book (thanks ebay) and may have a crack at that this summer. Found one player willing to give it a try at 28mm but still need a 3rd and not asking the wife she always wins the bugger.

Board Game:  Well the last boardgame i played was LEGO Minaturus with my son. Long time readers will       be fully aware of Ninja Scientists compleat lack of sportsmanship and the inability to lose gracefully. He's not improved at all. Playing pontoon last week ended in shouting and accusations of foul play. So we'll just move on from that.

Figure manufacturer :  GW natch and Studio Mcvey have a place in my heart as the minis are devine. I also got to meet the man himself at a show. Was tempted to take an ancient copy of White Dwarfe along for him to sign, ya know the ones with his eavy metal pic in it ;)

Metal / Hard plastic/ Resin :  anything is good by me i have power tools if a model is too recalcitrant in the converting process lol.

Club :  Hmmm well last year i looked into this and found a local club http://www.peterborough-wargames-club.org.uk/ but as i work 6 days a week some times 7 it's a bit of a squeeze getting my s**t together for going on a Monday night to play but this year may change that situation. I follow there forum and they seem a very nice bunch indeed.

Opponent :   Eddi Fear. Yep that's his real last name and he wont mind me posting it, i think hmmm oh well to late now:)) This is from back in the day tho and funnily enough he works about 300 yards away from where that wargaming club meets lol.

Film :  Now this is a serious matter and i could probably bore the hind legs of a donkey so i wont. Top 4 only in no particuler order Full Metal Jacket, Blade Runner, Empire Strikes Back, and Zulu. The title music to Zulu is the most played track on my ipod. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qydHIjL7iMg&feature=related play at full volume ( take it up to eleven ) so the floor shakes hummmmmmmmm lovely.
Oh gotta add Were Eagles Dare so it's a top 5 now Richard Burton's just the coolest man to have walked the face of the earth imvho. [Broadsword calling Danny Boy] hmm good name for a blog.

Books :  Another serious subject that really deserves it's own batch of blog posts. Now i do read a fair bit say 5 books a month 7 or 8 if the piles getting to high, and it's mainly scifi and fantasy with some WWI and WWII factual and fictional plus alt historical and i've even strayed into American civil war and Nepolionic. Yet still i can't spell for toffy. Faves are in no particuler order, The Sten books all 7 are fab, The Black company all 10 are fab (not your typical fantasy novels). Gaunts ghosts all! hell i've lost count think it's 13. The Alex Benedict books by Jack McDevitt. A talent for war is superb, the ships the star for me. Sooooo meny more to list. These ones are at the top cuz i've mostly reread them 4 or 5 times and i've still got em all well the good ones so not a lot of space in the attic what with the comics an the kit stash.

Art :  Simon Bisley His Slaine McRoth is unserpased, 
 I also LOVE spaceship art and any scifi art. My hard drive is stuffed with it and my work books at collage were filled with doodles of entire fleets.

And finally i do like a large glass of Coca cola (hence the top pic) in the evening whilst painting my minis and listing to absolute 90's or 80's or movie music off the ipod depending on mood.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Templar psykologis nearing completion post

 My Templar psykologis just about finished. The idea came from a list of alt character types for Inquisistor. I really liked the idea of the templar and this is my go at it. Lots of resculpting for his sholder guards and his left gauntlet plus the imp eagle on his chest is a green stuff copy from a blu stuff mold. Came out nice but not perfect. His gun is a mash up of empire pistoliers and bits from my junk stash. Ment to be a sort of needle gun.
The back pack is a piistoliers sadle holster and a random bit of an old chopper with added cable (home made) with 2 back up needlers.
That thing at his waist is amegaphone thing for shouting out commands and suggestions (go jump in front of that tank) to the poor unfortunates infected by his halusinogenic gases on the battle field.
 His Falchion is a bit too big but will have to do for now.  I went for a dark blue uniform to give him a sinister look coupled with that grey knight head i think it works ok. If he didn't have the back pack he would have had a cloke to finish of the effect but decided on some extra gubbins instead :)

Hope you like and c an c welcome.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Captain and sidekick for the 28th

Here they are, the officer commanding and his heavy flamer toting aide.

Wip pics first

And the finished camo job. On the office i did an attemptat a more detailed camo echoing the WWII german camoflage. I added the black as the other colouers needed something finish off the overall affect. His left sholer guard was originally gretchin green but whislt looking at some recent John Blanche minis on Steve Buddles blog (great blog go check it out) one of the minis had a great shield on his sholder that was an orangy red that i just loved and made the mini pop for me so an ilyanden yellow base then sunburst yellow strait on top followed by orange GW ink (very old) and then red ink around the edges all in fast sucssession. The decal is a cut down braun and his other sholder sports a family shield. And 28 layed on top, all with micro sol and set to make it permanant.
hope you like um and any thoughts welcome, i've added a comms guy to the unit and found a couple of alt heads i did last year that need bodys to finish off.

And check out my last post about winning For Holy Terrors RPC.

The I've only gone and won :0 post

Well i've held off posting about this as i was not sure where i'd come in the contest but it seems that i won the reverse painting contest over at For Holy Terra's blog http://forholyterra.hobbycore.net/ bit flabbergasted as the other entrys were all superb with some great background historys to accompany there chapters.
What's a Revese painting contest i here you shout! well the idea is you submit an idea for a home brew Astartes Chapter and the winner get his chapter painted up on a squad of space marines. In this case the Very generouse Paul at For Holy Terra is painting at least 1 model for every one that entered the comp.
Be sure to check out the rest of the entrys on Pauls Excellent blog.
On a related note well sorta related whilst scanning the blog roll i spotted pics of my hobby cupboard on w40kTenerife http://w40ktenerife.blogspot.com/2012/01/zona-del-hobby.html
Note to self stop posting pics of my creative workspace when in what can only be discribed as compleat and utter disarray or junk hole as it's also been discribed (by the wife). It's very much more tidy and rearranged now but o well it's not the worst photo of my airing cupboard posted as the guys at SFM.UK well know lol.

The 28ths officer and his sidekick are done and pics may appear before the end of the evening depending on how motivated i feel.

One more thing, the Ghost Vipers 5th company captain is next up on my workbence (junkhole) as i think i owe it to them seeing as i won :)


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Camo camo camo camo camo

 Camo on my Tallarns oris it Tallerns can never remember, oh well not to worry. These are my Tallarns that i've added to the 28th SpD "amalg" detachment, Taskforce Hadrada Subsector.

These guys were great to paint up as there'slots of area on those smocks to get camo on to and the addition of there shemaqhs in a different camos was a last min decision but i think it works as all the 28th will have bits of kit from there old regiments and the Tallarns stand out as well Tallarns what ever youdo with green stuff lol.

As discribed a couple of posts ago the the camo was mid grey then light green then dark green to finish http://blitzspearslab.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-know-im-spoiling-you-post.html compleatly with the absecne of any pics to back it up do'h.

I can't find any pics of the shemaqhs being done (the head scarfe thingys) as i exstended them and resculptid some bits but they'll turn up i'm sure.
I'll get the hofficer and his heavy flamer side kick finished tonight and post there progress pics tommorow-ish. The heavy flamer is the samecamo as the rest of the 28th and the big cheese is having something that i think looks a bit like gumfesumpe or woodland dapple as it's modern version is sometimes called.

After i've got my Guard kick over with again for a little  while at least i'll post my progress on my warbands. I've not stalled as such it's just proving hard to find the right coloures to use on civiies.


Almost forgot to say welcome along followers 50, 51 and 52.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The i know i'm spoiling you post

Well with yesterdays ramble out of my system i thought i'd post a bit about camo and my spec ops team thats taking shape. The 4 Tallern troopers i compleated over xmas i got in a care packege from a forum buddy and some where in the dim past i blogged about converting some of them with extra long laz rifles cuz i was thinking they looked cool and are in keeping with the desart feel of the Tallern. I will have a trawl in the pics to see if i grabbed any pics of the green stuff work i did. There head gear was exstended and lengthend to look a bit more like a shemagh http://www.surplusandadventure.com/shop/clothing/gloves-scarves/shemagh-arab-scarf-3-00-off-wrap-219284.html but in a sand coloure. The entire squad has somethink linking them back to there original units and the shemaghs are the Tallerns bit of home as it were. 
All the Camos are done in similer ways as i had the forethought to write down my system but i've now decided to try some differing coloure combos using the same process so it's not to jaring. That said the officer is getting a custom camo job as he''s more likely to retain his full uniform. If he had any sence he would be trying to look more like joe trooper (snipers anyone ) but Ruperts arn't known for there common sence some times lol.
Damn it ive lost the plot again. Now onto camo in general, my system is pretty simple, i go mid grey light green then finish with a dark green or brown the wash over the top to finish off.
The grey is applied as a flat coloure to all camo areas then i use a long brush 1" to 1 1/2" bristels to blob the light green covering half the grey areas. Then it's a treble 0 brush to apply the dark green in  line effect or blobs again which ever feels right for the figuer. Finally a liberal wash or two of gryf sapia or traka green or any ink wash you may have to pull the 3 coloures together.
I've not tried this combowith alt coloures but plan to eventually. In the mean time if you haven't seen this site and need inspiration check out Kamoflage.net http://www.kamouflage.net/ with 300 types listed you will find somethink that can be of help when planning a camo sceam.

Here's some old pics of a figure i did waaaaaaaaaaay back in 09 that was an experiment in camo. I used Kamo.net to look up different camos and decided on this one http://www.kamouflage.net/camouflage/00079.php but as i progressed it changed into what you see in these final pics. This is a bigger model than 28mm about 150 mm in fact and resin to but the theory is similer as to layering up the pattern. I'll digout the pics of my Tallern for the next post and the green work pics also then i'll take the final photos of the entire squad once the captain is done. It seems i've gone of target again oh well still 11and a half months to get it right lol.

Friday, 6 January 2012

The i'm sooooo easily distracted it's not funny anymore post

Hi all 49 followers, glad you could make it Number 49 :) Well as stated have been distracted by other blogs instead of getting a post sorted.
But as promised here's some more shots of my recent crimbo hols effort. Not alot if im honest, i usually get convinced to do an xmas project build out of junk but this year was not in the mood for lots of sanding and the frusttrating attemts at sticking two plastic parts together that are diametrically apposed to ever bonding and resorting to hammer and nails in the end.

Sorry went of on a tangent there :0 and also didn't realize how shokingly bad these pics are cept 2nd from last that shows up the camo better than most. I'll be getting some better pics 2moro seeing as how i've only gone and based ALL TEN yes ALL TEN figuers. Now this may leave you thinking so what but when you realise i've been doing these little lead men since 1993 (on and off) and can only think of 5 other instances when i've based a model! this is indeed impressive progress for me.
I also made progress on the Inq28 models and have convinced my buddy to play a game with me by dangelling the promise of a word bearers theamed scenario in front of him, just need some sap to GM now. Oh! and build a void station gameing table but thats a spring project for certain. Oh and a word bearer marine for him then not let him use it in the geme lol.
Whilst on the subject of future plans i'm also planning on entering the Hobby Link Japan scifi contest but can't show any of my wip progress as it's not allowed in the rules witch is a bit of a bummer but it's a project i've been planning for well, years and this is the perfect exscuse to get a crack on and build it. It'll be scratch natch and mainly junk based again natch.
Also on my todo list is get my vac former knocked together and start having fun with hot floppy plastic sheets:)) yay. Hmm what else well get some backlog of in progress builds finished and hidded away in the attic and also start working on reducing the platic crack mountain in my attic. It's getting out of hand up there so no new perchases this year unless appsolootley must have shinny newthing syndrome strikes but i'll avoid any enviroment where that could strike eg model shop, model show, looking at the random shapes household cleaning products form when inverted in Sainsburys. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ah yes get the Brutal Cannon chapter finished and play a game of 40k with my son, May be safer playing with my youngest son (5) as Ninja scientist (11) is not a good loser when playing games OF ANY KIND. The BC's have been in progess for about 15 years and have been morphing over that time untill i'm quite happy with where they are but have recently decided i dont like the chapter coloures i went for but a bit late for that by about15 years lol.
Think that's it on random rambels about future plans an stuff like' i'll try to keep the random down to a minimum and still noo plans to spell check the blog and no hope of me sudenly becoming not dyslecsic any time soon. oh also reading over crimbo was great, got through Grimblades, Call to Arms (both empire armys novels and Death and Dis-honor a WFB short storys collection and am currently reading Soul Hunter by ADB whicth is fan bleeding tastic just glad i can't paint a decent dark blue so no plans to model  First claw lol.
Going to be a bit more pre planned this year as last year was an unmittigated disaster where any plans of mine were concerned for this blog, reallife (TM) was not much better so here's hopeing i can get somedecent blogtime in this year and maybe even a couple of models lol.
Gotta go my tinitus is now very distracting even whislt listening to muzak on youtube. (Sia and Spooky and 2 steps from hell btw)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello 2012

Well i've been a bit neglectful of the old blog i'm afraid but i have been painting and converting and reading wfb and 40k over xmas so there's stuff to come. Tonight should have seen a proper post here but time fly's as they say lol so here's a taster of what i may get around to posting tommorow.

More 2moro