Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Templar psykologis nearing completion post

 My Templar psykologis just about finished. The idea came from a list of alt character types for Inquisistor. I really liked the idea of the templar and this is my go at it. Lots of resculpting for his sholder guards and his left gauntlet plus the imp eagle on his chest is a green stuff copy from a blu stuff mold. Came out nice but not perfect. His gun is a mash up of empire pistoliers and bits from my junk stash. Ment to be a sort of needle gun.
The back pack is a piistoliers sadle holster and a random bit of an old chopper with added cable (home made) with 2 back up needlers.
That thing at his waist is amegaphone thing for shouting out commands and suggestions (go jump in front of that tank) to the poor unfortunates infected by his halusinogenic gases on the battle field.
 His Falchion is a bit too big but will have to do for now.  I went for a dark blue uniform to give him a sinister look coupled with that grey knight head i think it works ok. If he didn't have the back pack he would have had a cloke to finish of the effect but decided on some extra gubbins instead :)

Hope you like and c an c welcome.



  1. Backpack definately better than cloak. This guy has great character and fits well to your description of "Templar".

  2. That is a really cool looking model! Love the biohazard trefoil on the back, that turned out really nice. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks i'm pretty pleased with the outcome.
    He has 2 more on his sholders but they have not come out in the pics well.