Thursday, 12 January 2012

The I've only gone and won :0 post

Well i've held off posting about this as i was not sure where i'd come in the contest but it seems that i won the reverse painting contest over at For Holy Terra's blog bit flabbergasted as the other entrys were all superb with some great background historys to accompany there chapters.
What's a Revese painting contest i here you shout! well the idea is you submit an idea for a home brew Astartes Chapter and the winner get his chapter painted up on a squad of space marines. In this case the Very generouse Paul at For Holy Terra is painting at least 1 model for every one that entered the comp.
Be sure to check out the rest of the entrys on Pauls Excellent blog.
On a related note well sorta related whilst scanning the blog roll i spotted pics of my hobby cupboard on w40kTenerife
Note to self stop posting pics of my creative workspace when in what can only be discribed as compleat and utter disarray or junk hole as it's also been discribed (by the wife). It's very much more tidy and rearranged now but o well it's not the worst photo of my airing cupboard posted as the guys at SFM.UK well know lol.

The 28ths officer and his sidekick are done and pics may appear before the end of the evening depending on how motivated i feel.

One more thing, the Ghost Vipers 5th company captain is next up on my workbence (junkhole) as i think i owe it to them seeing as i won :)



  1. Very cool! Congratulations - That is a really cool paint scheme, looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

  2. thanks i can't wait to see them :0