Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The playing favorites post

 Inspired by Admiral Drax's chain post http://admiraldrax.blogspot.com/2012/01/294-playing-favourites-chain-post.html here's my rundown ala Drax's list.

Wargames period :  40k grim dark all the way for me i'm afraid altho i'll admit to picking up a WWII Warlord German platoon to see what all the fuss was about and tho smaller than GW heroic 28mm there very nice. I've no idea what system i'd use to play a game with them but i've got them if i needz them.
Scale :  heroic 28mm

Rules : O hell! well i have to admit i'm S**T at rules but enjoyed playing Adaptus Titanicus and Space Hulk when they first came out, Rogue Trader was a mind boggler and really didn't get into 40k again till my late teens and then another hiatus has seen me only return to it in the last 5 or 6 years. I've recently read the large scale Inquisitor rule book (thanks ebay) and may have a crack at that this summer. Found one player willing to give it a try at 28mm but still need a 3rd and not asking the wife she always wins the bugger.

Board Game:  Well the last boardgame i played was LEGO Minaturus with my son. Long time readers will       be fully aware of Ninja Scientists compleat lack of sportsmanship and the inability to lose gracefully. He's not improved at all. Playing pontoon last week ended in shouting and accusations of foul play. So we'll just move on from that.

Figure manufacturer :  GW natch and Studio Mcvey have a place in my heart as the minis are devine. I also got to meet the man himself at a show. Was tempted to take an ancient copy of White Dwarfe along for him to sign, ya know the ones with his eavy metal pic in it ;)

Metal / Hard plastic/ Resin :  anything is good by me i have power tools if a model is too recalcitrant in the converting process lol.

Club :  Hmmm well last year i looked into this and found a local club http://www.peterborough-wargames-club.org.uk/ but as i work 6 days a week some times 7 it's a bit of a squeeze getting my s**t together for going on a Monday night to play but this year may change that situation. I follow there forum and they seem a very nice bunch indeed.

Opponent :   Eddi Fear. Yep that's his real last name and he wont mind me posting it, i think hmmm oh well to late now:)) This is from back in the day tho and funnily enough he works about 300 yards away from where that wargaming club meets lol.

Film :  Now this is a serious matter and i could probably bore the hind legs of a donkey so i wont. Top 4 only in no particuler order Full Metal Jacket, Blade Runner, Empire Strikes Back, and Zulu. The title music to Zulu is the most played track on my ipod. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qydHIjL7iMg&feature=related play at full volume ( take it up to eleven ) so the floor shakes hummmmmmmmm lovely.
Oh gotta add Were Eagles Dare so it's a top 5 now Richard Burton's just the coolest man to have walked the face of the earth imvho. [Broadsword calling Danny Boy] hmm good name for a blog.

Books :  Another serious subject that really deserves it's own batch of blog posts. Now i do read a fair bit say 5 books a month 7 or 8 if the piles getting to high, and it's mainly scifi and fantasy with some WWI and WWII factual and fictional plus alt historical and i've even strayed into American civil war and Nepolionic. Yet still i can't spell for toffy. Faves are in no particuler order, The Sten books all 7 are fab, The Black company all 10 are fab (not your typical fantasy novels). Gaunts ghosts all! hell i've lost count think it's 13. The Alex Benedict books by Jack McDevitt. A talent for war is superb, the ships the star for me. Sooooo meny more to list. These ones are at the top cuz i've mostly reread them 4 or 5 times and i've still got em all well the good ones so not a lot of space in the attic what with the comics an the kit stash.

Art :  Simon Bisley His Slaine McRoth is unserpased, 
 I also LOVE spaceship art and any scifi art. My hard drive is stuffed with it and my work books at collage were filled with doodles of entire fleets.

And finally i do like a large glass of Coca cola (hence the top pic) in the evening whilst painting my minis and listing to absolute 90's or 80's or movie music off the ipod depending on mood.



  1. " I've no idea what system i'd use to play a game with them but i've got them if i needz them."

    Can I recommend Operation: Squad for this! Excellent, very free-flowing system, easy to pick up. There are some combat reports and scenarios on my blog - http://troubleatthemill.blogspot.com/search/label/operation%3A%20squad

    Re the Glen Cook books - love them, but I do need to get the rest of the collection at some point.

  2. I should note there's usually a pickup game of Op: Squad to be had down the club most Mondays, too :D See you there!

  3. Sweet!

    Thanks, man. Great to see the reference to 'turning it up to eleven' too. Have you ever noticed the BBC's iplayer volume goes all the way up? - A nice touch.

    And imagine my wife's surprise and confusion when she started up my (then new) laptop only to hear 'Broadsword calling Danny Boy' instead of the the start-up sound!

    Re. the club: I had to swallow a lot of secret-geeky nervous pride and cash in a few brownie points at home in order to go, but once I got to mine I discovered what a great bunch they are.

    I asked the guy who runs it why there didn;t seem to be any arses there: he said "I run a dictatorship, not a democracy - if someone acts like an arse I ask them to leave."

    Simple! (and effective).

  4. @ Mike, I've seen reference to this "op squad" on the club forum and your excellent blog but thought it was a derivative of FoW and played in 15mm, may have to brack out the german grey/green :) i'll check out your reports with fresh eye's now, thanks.
    Re Glen Cook, well the mans a legend that no one knows about here in the UK at least. I started reading the BC books with Bleak seasons (Book 5) and had to hunt high and low for the rest then wait years for the last 2 books. It's just refreshing to read a fantasy book where the writer has chucked out the sword and sorcery rule book and gone his own way. Gotta love a novel with characters called Big Bucket and Croaker

    @ Drax, i really enjoyed having a good think about these. And watching clips of Were Eagles Dare lol The scene in the big hall when Burton convinces the Germans he's a double agent and not the 3 other guys with shear bravado is brilliant and of course Clint defending the radio room whilst Burton delivers those classic lines :) The theme music is ace too.

  5. Coca-Cola is fine to drink, but have you ever tried cooking a joint of ham in it?

    Seriously - Coke Ham is a real treat.


  6. That sounds so wrong it must be good lol thanks for the err cookery tip.