Friday, 6 January 2012

The i'm sooooo easily distracted it's not funny anymore post

Hi all 49 followers, glad you could make it Number 49 :) Well as stated have been distracted by other blogs instead of getting a post sorted.
But as promised here's some more shots of my recent crimbo hols effort. Not alot if im honest, i usually get convinced to do an xmas project build out of junk but this year was not in the mood for lots of sanding and the frusttrating attemts at sticking two plastic parts together that are diametrically apposed to ever bonding and resorting to hammer and nails in the end.

Sorry went of on a tangent there :0 and also didn't realize how shokingly bad these pics are cept 2nd from last that shows up the camo better than most. I'll be getting some better pics 2moro seeing as how i've only gone and based ALL TEN yes ALL TEN figuers. Now this may leave you thinking so what but when you realise i've been doing these little lead men since 1993 (on and off) and can only think of 5 other instances when i've based a model! this is indeed impressive progress for me.
I also made progress on the Inq28 models and have convinced my buddy to play a game with me by dangelling the promise of a word bearers theamed scenario in front of him, just need some sap to GM now. Oh! and build a void station gameing table but thats a spring project for certain. Oh and a word bearer marine for him then not let him use it in the geme lol.
Whilst on the subject of future plans i'm also planning on entering the Hobby Link Japan scifi contest but can't show any of my wip progress as it's not allowed in the rules witch is a bit of a bummer but it's a project i've been planning for well, years and this is the perfect exscuse to get a crack on and build it. It'll be scratch natch and mainly junk based again natch.
Also on my todo list is get my vac former knocked together and start having fun with hot floppy plastic sheets:)) yay. Hmm what else well get some backlog of in progress builds finished and hidded away in the attic and also start working on reducing the platic crack mountain in my attic. It's getting out of hand up there so no new perchases this year unless appsolootley must have shinny newthing syndrome strikes but i'll avoid any enviroment where that could strike eg model shop, model show, looking at the random shapes household cleaning products form when inverted in Sainsburys. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ah yes get the Brutal Cannon chapter finished and play a game of 40k with my son, May be safer playing with my youngest son (5) as Ninja scientist (11) is not a good loser when playing games OF ANY KIND. The BC's have been in progess for about 15 years and have been morphing over that time untill i'm quite happy with where they are but have recently decided i dont like the chapter coloures i went for but a bit late for that by about15 years lol.
Think that's it on random rambels about future plans an stuff like' i'll try to keep the random down to a minimum and still noo plans to spell check the blog and no hope of me sudenly becoming not dyslecsic any time soon. oh also reading over crimbo was great, got through Grimblades, Call to Arms (both empire armys novels and Death and Dis-honor a WFB short storys collection and am currently reading Soul Hunter by ADB whicth is fan bleeding tastic just glad i can't paint a decent dark blue so no plans to model  First claw lol.
Going to be a bit more pre planned this year as last year was an unmittigated disaster where any plans of mine were concerned for this blog, reallife (TM) was not much better so here's hopeing i can get somedecent blogtime in this year and maybe even a couple of models lol.
Gotta go my tinitus is now very distracting even whislt listening to muzak on youtube. (Sia and Spooky and 2 steps from hell btw)

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