Thursday, 12 January 2012

Captain and sidekick for the 28th

Here they are, the officer commanding and his heavy flamer toting aide.

Wip pics first

And the finished camo job. On the office i did an attemptat a more detailed camo echoing the WWII german camoflage. I added the black as the other colouers needed something finish off the overall affect. His left sholer guard was originally gretchin green but whislt looking at some recent John Blanche minis on Steve Buddles blog (great blog go check it out) one of the minis had a great shield on his sholder that was an orangy red that i just loved and made the mini pop for me so an ilyanden yellow base then sunburst yellow strait on top followed by orange GW ink (very old) and then red ink around the edges all in fast sucssession. The decal is a cut down braun and his other sholder sports a family shield. And 28 layed on top, all with micro sol and set to make it permanant.
hope you like um and any thoughts welcome, i've added a comms guy to the unit and found a couple of alt heads i did last year that need bodys to finish off.

And check out my last post about winning For Holy Terrors RPC.


  1. Flamer chap looks like he is terrified.

    Both are very cool.

  2. You'd be terrified too if you had 20 gallons of prom straped to your back lol.