Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just some quick shots from our day out at the Midland Air Museum today, the first couple of shots are of (i think ) an F 4 phantom that awaits restoration by the fence. Talk about a patch up job on her, there is more shots of her and other jets to come plus some models. 3rd pic is my youngest son in one of the navigators seats of a VULCAN bomber (so cool) but very hot in there as you can tell from his face lol.
This last pic is the tribe having a picnic in front of an F86 A Saber with an F104 G starfighter to our left, and the sun was shining too.
More pics in the coming days on my photobucket site folks. Tried to get some shots that would be good refs for weathering and open panel details so i will post them on here first.

Of to a model show (scale models not skinny girls)

Well I've just finished checking my route to Coventry and am about to kick the kids out of bed so we have a chance of getting there at about 11.30-ish. I'm just hoping the dreaded sat nav plays nice and avoids the M6 as much as possible. I will have pics and a quick report on the show up hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday and it's also going to be a mini meet up for SFM:UK as Pete from the site will also be attending.
Here's where it's at

I'll also be shopping for donor kits in the bargain buckets that some traders do CUZ I NEED PLASTIC.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Recon ship ideas

Well i have left the recon ship along for a couple of days now whilst ruminating on what to do next, I'm at the "do i finish it quick like or add even more siht to it" And the result, add more cuz that's what it's telling me to do. Plus a successful attempt at some home brew casting has produced some really nice stuff to stick on her and jazz up that boring rear end but hopefully not take away from the gloriously over sized engine bells (plastic champaign flutes, god bless white trash weddings)
More progress pics soon-ish, oh and if anyone's interested the NinJa scientist has been grounded till he's 9 in October or is it September. I honestly thought he was 9 already but turns out he's still 8, meh I've been 35 for the last 3 years simply cuz I forget these kind of things and if it was really important they would tattoo stuff like that on yer arm before you leave hospital wouldn't they! wouldn't they??? Anyway he's grounded till me or the wife gives in so he may get some more models done before parole time.


Sunday, 14 June 2009

NinJa Scientists gyro slam ship.

One more post before i veg out in front of the goggle box. Above is my sons first attempt at a scratch build and i think he did a good job on it. He picked the parts out whilst i was looking for greeblies for the recon ship. I helped glue them on then he painted it up and came up with a great name for it Gyro Slam ship and as he wants to eventually become a NinJa Scientist i decided that would be a good user name for him, oh and he's that fantastic age between annoying whiny and reasonable interesting 9.

Looking to the next project

Well even i am getting a bit bored of the Recon ship so here is whats next on the bench if i don't get distracted by something even more shiny b4 i start, like making a 1/1 scale suit of space marine armour that i can wear to weddings and other family annoyances I'm forced to attend.
Anyway above is the Tamiya He162 Salamander that i will be using as a base for my Enothian Bearcub pulse jet interceptor. If you have not read Double Eagle by Dan Abnett i suggest you get a hold of a copy. So this fighter is a 40k flying machine and as such will need a fair bit of customizing to fit in with the look and feel of 40K. I'm adding some heavy piping and much more blocky looking wings like the lightning. I have mentioned b4 that i contacted the man himself (Dan Abnett) to check if I'd guessed right about his Bearcub being based on the He162 and it was what he had in mind when he wrote Double Eagle, then about 2 weeks later i find the above kit going for the handsome sum of £8.00 at a model show. So it was obviously meant to happen and I'd better get cracking on with it :)

More Recon ship

Another week another dollop of putty on the ol Recon ship. I'm supprising myself that i've progressed as far as i have with this without a brack from it. Its reached the point where (to me anyways) it's looking quite good and all the parts are coming together nicely.
I've lost a pic wtf! Oh well i will try to post it next time.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Fast Recon Ship

Just some updates on my progress with the Recon ship and a

quick stick together of some extra parts that will be going on soon. Also I've bought a palm sander for taking back some of those big lumps along the side. I know there there but until i get a coat of primer on her its hard to see them. Hoping to work on the layout of teh cockpit and form teh canopy area this week plus get the lower setions smooth and start plating the rear sections.


Victorian Engineering

Here are some shots of steam engines that where at the open farm day near where i live and apart from the rain a great day was had by all.
Now the reason I'm posting these pics apart from them being awesome engines is the fantastic livery that they are wearing and I'm thinking this would be good refs for my Victorian moon lander. Hahaha you all thought i'd gone crazy and decided to ditch the sci fi models and start on traction engines lol.
No this was one of those light bulb moments as i stood looking at them in the poring rain, The Victorians loved to paint there creations in these rich colours and detailing and this would extend to there efforts to put a man on the moon.

In the pic below you can see it really was poring down with rain or i would have got lots more pics. My love of traction engines is partly due to watching the late great Fred Dibnah and also my God father had an old engine stood out side his blacksmiths shop for as long as i can remember.

Anyway which should i use as a guide to my painting of the moon lander, Dragon! pride of the fens or the more plane looking but no less awesome Invicta (green and brass with yellow detail)
Leave a comment here or on the forums where this has been linked from.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Look here for inspiration

Hi, it's 1 am and i'm just back from work inebriating the masses. A most successful night from the number of times i re washed the shot glasses lol. But enough of that here's the reason i'm posting at this ungodly hour .

This has got to be one of the best sites anywhere if your looking to see the creations of a master of the scale model scratch building art. Even if you don't like Space Battle Ship Yamoto and don't understand the babel fish translations just the images along make it worth anyone's while to spend a good hour or so soaking up the skills this guy has. It's a site i will be referencing A LOT for my recon ship build, which i will be updating you all on tomorrow.
Ha ha, I apologize for the grand opinion i have of my little blog reaching that big an ordinance but it helps me push on with builds and organise my plans and thoughts so it's gotta be worth it just for that.


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Fast Recon Ship

More progress on build No 2 for group build No 2.

LOT'S o putty (P38 car stuff) and ally mesh to form shapes and I'm looking to buy a palm sander at the weekend cuz there's still LOT'S more putty work to do. There is a definite plan going on here even tho it looks very random as it's progressed and junk an kit bits have come to the top of the greebly box ( i just get a bit of old pipe and swish it around till i spot something i like) When I've finished streamlining the bottom and where the to different pipes meet i will start on the nose and cockpit area. Still need to find a couple of 1/48 or 1/35 pilots that look scifi-ey sort of looking. Ohh I've cut of the nose err prow is it of the Carl Vincent and glued on a kinder egg after seeing a Canberra pic online. More putty arrrrrrrrggggggg.

More soon as this build is flowing quite well (in my head) so i need to get it more done before all the random kit parts i've been putting aside start getting used in other builds.


Moon build, progress at last!!!!

Progress at last, after inspiration hit last week it's rocked along nicely and all i need now is to decide on a colour scheme for it and start painting. The dead line is not till mid June so this may get put on the back burner till nearer the time so i can concentrate on some other work and i have GOT to get some heads and figures finished for 18Th of June, I need face to face feedback on err well faces :)
Sorry a bit off topic there, so if anyone has a suggestion for the colour of this thing leave a comment, just bear in mind that this is a Victorian moon lander and as the landing struts were a cop out i need the paint job to really reinforce the Victorian feel. The little guy is going to be saluting a union flag (union jack to the rest of us) and i may add another guy descending the ladder.