Thursday, 4 June 2009

Moon build, progress at last!!!!

Progress at last, after inspiration hit last week it's rocked along nicely and all i need now is to decide on a colour scheme for it and start painting. The dead line is not till mid June so this may get put on the back burner till nearer the time so i can concentrate on some other work and i have GOT to get some heads and figures finished for 18Th of June, I need face to face feedback on err well faces :)
Sorry a bit off topic there, so if anyone has a suggestion for the colour of this thing leave a comment, just bear in mind that this is a Victorian moon lander and as the landing struts were a cop out i need the paint job to really reinforce the Victorian feel. The little guy is going to be saluting a union flag (union jack to the rest of us) and i may add another guy descending the ladder.

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