Thursday, 28 May 2009

Victorian moon lander part 1 or is this 2

Well here's another group build that's in the final stages of completion, I know it looks no where near but all the elements i needed to finish this of have come together (like they do) I was awaiting some brain wave to hit me with how i was to do the landing struts and the burner cans and whilst looking at the nerd herd forums i spotted a scratchbuild that used something similar and add to that i found the perfect junk X3 for the cans so full steam ahead. Also whilst looking for greeblies for one of the other scratchbuilds in progress below i stumbled on a hatch and some figures, this removed the last stumbling block that would have held me up. Plus I've made a moon like base for it, so weather permitting i will be ready to paint this at the weekend if i don't get side tracked by other work.


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