Sunday, 24 May 2009

what to do, what to do

Well it's a glorious Sunday morning and I'm in a quandary! do i forget about doing a proper job on clearing my work bench up and say stuff it and start my scratch build, or hang fire and do it in the week and spend today building the new (to me) green house which is currently languishing in my garden in bits. Hmmmm decisions decisions. I have been thinking about how I'm going to tackle this build as it is going to be the first scratch-build that needs to adhere to a certain design concept. I can't just go off mission with this one and stick what ever takes my fancy on it, tho some additions will make themselves known to me as i progress along. I've got (i think ) 2 options for building the main body, option 1 is to make a plasticard rib and cover with strips of more plasticard or option 2 make the main body in 2 halves and again use a plasticard rib to form the shape then infill between the ribs with foam and cover with Styrofoam primer and then the fun begins as i slap on the P38, sand and repeat. From this i want to vac form the 2 halves and also the tail section so i can fit a cockpit and pilot in her without having to dig out all the ribs and foam from the original. This may also help with making the canopy for her but still need to see what way i go with that.


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