Thursday, 28 May 2009

Of secateurs and fast recon ships

First we have the fast recon ship, this will be my second build for the group build even tho I've started it first lol. Basically the idea is for a one man recon ship tat can fly though a star system and out the other end faster than anyone else can target or intercept it. So far it's just junk bits of pipe and some champaign flutes for the uber boosters but i have done some more to this and will get some snaps laterz.
And here is the inspiration for the 1st build I'm doing for the group build a pair of secateurs!!! yep was working in the garden and had a eureka moment. Now it's not quite like the final shape but the overall look is there. This was done about 10 or 15 years ago i disremember now since getting back into model building i've wanted to have a crack at this. I 'm going to start forming the shape this weekend if I get finished up with the Victorian moon lander, that's coming up in the next exciting post on BLITZSPEARS LAB (TM;-)



    Inspiration from a gardening instrument?!

    That's imagination. Raw, purest, unadulterated genius!!!

  2. wow thanks Rafa , it was on of those moments when your merrily working away and think to yourself hay this would be a great shape for a fighter lol.