Friday, 22 May 2009

as promised, only a day late ;0

Above and below is my attempt at a good looking female pilot figure, she needs a lot more work before i add the head and feet. This started as a wire and tinfoil armature and was bent to the pose i was looking for.

I think she may be standing a bit to far forward but will see when the boots go on her.

This guy is my latest try and I'm going a different way with starting him off. Starting with a head sculpt I'm happy with (sort of) i made up a wire body (legs and torso) and then wrapped it in tinfoil to balk it out and help to see the shapes of the body I'm looking for. Then i covered it with sculpy to form the underlying body.
His legs look a bit short in this pic but he has boots to go on, thats the next job. I have done them but needs a bit more work on the details. When they are on i will start to sculpt on the uniform legs first then bake then the upper torso, then bake then the arms will go on. I'll explain the rest when i get to it, soon i hope :)

More soon folks


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