Tuesday, 12 May 2009

X Wing race variant

An on going project this time and not some old tat from last year :0. This is my attempt at converting an old (really old) X Wing kit into a race variant with modified cockpit and engines. It will be painted in blue and silver with lots of star wars company logos on it. The idea stems from seeing a pic of a super marine spitfire when the plane was in its early carrier as a race plane. I'll find a pic to give you some idea of what i mean in the next post about this.
The nice thing about this build is that I'm going to have to cast up part of the engine and vac form the canopy, both techniques are new to me so this will be a challenge to push my building skills to the next level. Plus i have to make some sort of vac forming device that will see a lot of use if long term plans come together as i hope. I will of course document all my trials and errors in these endeavors. The part of the engine needing casting is the burner can at the rear, its just a bit of plumming pipe that still has dirt on it but once its greeblied up and in primer it will look heaps better and i can make 4 copies of it to replace the old ones.

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