Friday, 15 May 2009

Damn it all brain, stop it

I've just checked out 2 blogs and had 3 ideas for model builds pop into my head, if i don't jott them down they may go away till I'm less busy.

Sorry normal service will now resume.

But there bloody good ideas though so may have to jott them down in one of my less used doodle books so i wont find them till later on this year, yep that's a good plan, go with that we shall.



  1. Rich, this is Rafa. I have been recently re-released by my Vegan abductors. Merry crowd. I was dropped nearby, and saw your blog in the distance, so I came to say hi, and enjoy your modeling adventures.

    I am no artist, and don't use anything to doodle or try even to draw with my two left hands, but judging by your posted drawings, that entreé in the GB is going to be smoking hot. Man, I would love to see what else have you jotted down.

  2. Thanks Rafa i will try to post some more doodles. I have been going thrugh my old scetch books recently and found lots of stuff i may post up. Just doodels and ideas mostly i've never found the time to get anything to a finished state lol