Monday, 31 May 2010

Just back fron Scunthorpe and now off to Ingoldmells

And becuse of that hobby time hase been a big fat zero this week and looks like being the same next week. Plus with no light at the end of the tunnel as regards these rediculusly far of building sites they keep sending us to posts will be short sweet and few and far between so appols for this but i'll keep at it when i can.
One major problem i've found when i'm forced away from the hobby bench is the ton of cool ideas that come to me when i should be concentrating on stuff on the bench not planning the next 50 or so projects. I carry a note book now to try to save some of these ideas with short discriptions and doodels for looking back on.

When work gets less annoying i'll be back posting again on a more reguler basis and i may even have a plan of action as to where i want my building to go and what i post on this here blog.

Till later then,

Monday, 17 May 2010

Poacher wip 2

So scabberd on his back or hanging at his waist below the kit bag? or not at all. It's about the same size as the sword but looks huge so may try a slimmer version.

Also added the sling and a strap for his kit bag to finish him off.

Col Hessler asked about how i did the goggels and where the arms are from. Well the arms are from my Mordhiem game and the goggels are thin strips of metal turned on the end of my tweezers then pushed into the greenstuff. I then filled em with superglue to attempt a domed effect on them.

The head is from Mordhiem too, i just love that broken nose!

Final pic is a terminator chaplin im working on atm, still lots to do on him but more pics in the next post.


Saturday, 1 May 2010

More IG chop jobs

Second posts in a row after a week or two of nowt tho i have been commenting on others blogs which keeps me enthused about doing stuff like this. Anyway i'm so happy with this guy i could puke, why! cuz he's turned out just as i imagined he would. Still some green stuff and foil to add, sholder armour and rifle sling and maybe a scabberd for his pig stikker trophy weapon. My only niggel is his hand steadying his lasgun which looks to big but may paint it as a gloved hand to sort that. C+C welcome and do check out my previous post below on that inquisitor type guy i've been working on, thanks muchly chaps.

Inquisitor 3?

Finally finished off this guy and looking at him i'm feeling he may be more suited as an inquisitors henchman than an inquisitor himself. The sort of combat veteran that will become attached to a warband and progress to be a valued member over the years, helping lead the Inquisitors troops in situations when the warband find themselves in open warfare with the enemys of the Imperium. I will be adding some final touches before any more paint goes on him and hopefully get hold of some of those etched brass =]I[= that forge world produce. I'll need some more as i exspand the retinue. C+C always welcome.