Saturday, 1 May 2010

Inquisitor 3?

Finally finished off this guy and looking at him i'm feeling he may be more suited as an inquisitors henchman than an inquisitor himself. The sort of combat veteran that will become attached to a warband and progress to be a valued member over the years, helping lead the Inquisitors troops in situations when the warband find themselves in open warfare with the enemys of the Imperium. I will be adding some final touches before any more paint goes on him and hopefully get hold of some of those etched brass =]I[= that forge world produce. I'll need some more as i exspand the retinue. C+C always welcome.


  1. I like this.

    I'd agree with your assesment that maybe it looks more like a henchman than an Inquisitor.

    I really like the body, and the figure itself.

    If I have a development point to offer, I'd have to say that the pair of large weapons looks a little overbalancing, both physically on the mini and in silhouette.

    maybe have a skim in the codex and look at the gear available to retinue such as warriors and acolytes etc, and rebalance appropriately?

  2. Totally agree about the weapons. Untill he got put together they seemed a good idea lol but yes maybe a pistol and short sword would balance better with the former heretic flapping about over his head.