Saturday, 1 May 2010

More IG chop jobs

Second posts in a row after a week or two of nowt tho i have been commenting on others blogs which keeps me enthused about doing stuff like this. Anyway i'm so happy with this guy i could puke, why! cuz he's turned out just as i imagined he would. Still some green stuff and foil to add, sholder armour and rifle sling and maybe a scabberd for his pig stikker trophy weapon. My only niggel is his hand steadying his lasgun which looks to big but may paint it as a gloved hand to sort that. C+C welcome and do check out my previous post below on that inquisitor type guy i've been working on, thanks muchly chaps.


  1. rightly proud!

    He's awesome.

    what role will he fill in your army? is he your "rambo" or a veteran? or is he another "named" character? straken perhaps?

  2. I think i had a game keeper in mind when thinking up this guy. Watched a thing about the WWII Commandos history and when Churchill formed them they had training from scotish gamekeepers in moving over rugged terrain stalking and suvival. Churchill remembered the name from the Boar War when Boar farmers and hunters formed very effective irreguler units called Commandos. He will just be a "hard as nails" vet looking to make life messy for the emperors enemys :)
    Glad you like him i'll try to get him finished today.

  3. Wow, the detail on that mini is fantastic. It looks like you cut some pieces of tubing for those goggles...yes? Please share some of the techniques you used to create these unique elements. Are the arms from a Krieg model?

    Awesome stuff!

  4. Thanks Colonel Hessler. I'll post some pics on the weekend with a (what i did where and whats from what) bit ;)