Monday, 17 May 2010

Poacher wip 2

So scabberd on his back or hanging at his waist below the kit bag? or not at all. It's about the same size as the sword but looks huge so may try a slimmer version.

Also added the sling and a strap for his kit bag to finish him off.

Col Hessler asked about how i did the goggels and where the arms are from. Well the arms are from my Mordhiem game and the goggels are thin strips of metal turned on the end of my tweezers then pushed into the greenstuff. I then filled em with superglue to attempt a domed effect on them.

The head is from Mordhiem too, i just love that broken nose!

Final pic is a terminator chaplin im working on atm, still lots to do on him but more pics in the next post.



  1. Great looking stuff. I particularly like the strapping and the goggles.

    As for the scabbard, I think it looks better on his back, because at his side, it doesn't look like he could reasonably sheath a sword in it. One curious thing is that, since he's a "Poacher," I originally thought of that as a piece of ivory and not a scabbard. I was kind of sad to see that wasn't the case!

    Still, a great looking piece. :)

  2. It should be on his left hip. But there's already a lot going on there. Go for the back. Maybe add a metal cap to the tip of the scabbard. This is a great model I love all the details.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, i think i'll go with it on his back as i may strap a shotgun to it as well. Yes it should be on his left but as you say it's a bit busy to be there, i may have a play and see if i can get it in there anyway. Nice idea about the metal cap on the end of the scab and now i have to try getting a bit of ivory in there as thats also a great idea.