Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I think our US cousins call it polishing a T%$D

 Here is the afore mentioned Turd on the left but the one on the right by todays standards is pretty dire i must admit.
 I'm really scraping the bottom of the bits box now but i do love a challange.
 Most proud of removing his head without distroying it, it's a nice sculpt just poorly positioned.
 Guard to the rescue and the main GS done on his lower legs and chest ( pretty poor job on the power cables sorry)
 Side by side
 My second most fave bit of this mini is the hair doo, is it Mel Gibson or Michel Dougles. 
 Back pack banner was already knackerd so i desided to cut it at an upward angle as if it had been hacked off by an upward cut from an enemy.

 Still need to bulk out his left hand a bit more and some small bumpson the back of his legs need doing.
 No helmet with the original so no helm with him, i'm planning his back story that he never wears one unless absolutley nessesery that's why he has the comms and the funky eye thingy over his right eye to keep updated on his squad.
Next up power axe guy and then melta gun guy but will have to splase out on some more donor bodys for them as i'm about at the end of the rubbish in the bits box and have plans for the rest of my stash so ebay it is then.
Comments are the life blood of blogging so even if its (nice doo ) or (stop my eyes are bleeding at the horror of 13 year old you's paint jobs)  it's always nice.