Sunday, 24 May 2009

1/20 astronaut part 2 or is it 3

Progress on the astronaut, I've painted the face cuz i couldn't wait lol and base coated the suit. This has revealed a lot of areas that need working on, his left inner arm is quite devoid of detail and tho it is stretching forward it still needs some work.
Here he is with his helmet fitted and i must say it's worked out really well for a first attempt at this sort of thing.

I'm thinking of having reddish orange bands around his arms and legs to give him some colour and break up the whit-ness of the suit, plus I've seen a similar orange colour used on the ship board suits of the real astronauts in my reference book.
I really need to finish him of before i get to far along with any more sculpts or i will not want to revisit him so exspect some progress on him after the big bench clearout.