Saturday, 9 May 2009

Stalk Tank MkI

Over on the SMANerdherd forum i posted up some pics of my Stalk tank, this was a build that was specifically a walker and to be built from household junk. The group build didn't get finished as the site ( Hobbyshed) has been on its holidays but will be back soon after a major redisign.

Here is a klinky linky to pics over at SFM:UK of the finished build.
Keep klicking past my messy work bench for the in prog pics but when you get too the blackend sculpy head stop :) This was a realy fun build to do and i'm planning to do a MkII when i get time and will this will have better legs (going to cast them from a master) and may change the main weopen for a gatling gun type thing.
On a side note about the name I borrowed the name from Dan Abnett the writer and all round nice bloke but my build looks nothing like the Stalk Tank as discribed in the Gaunts Ghosts novels. I sent an e-mail to Mr Abnett with pics of my Stalk Tank when he had a link to a very talented guy building a proper Stalk Tank. Dan e-mailed me back to say he liked it ( how gakking cool is that) Now i've gone and losty the fething e-mail from him should have saved it bloody fool its like getting a letter back from santa saying yes you will be getting that mountin bike you asked for, oh well will know for next time.

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