Friday, 15 May 2009

Group build plans and err my weekend plans also.

OK quick post regarding the group build I'm starting after the weekend, I've kinda got busy all of a sudden. Saturday I'm helping to move a washing machine in the morning then i need to shop for a new mobile phone, then go collect a trailer so i can collect a green house and finally go clean my beer pipes at the bar i run (new cooler installed today, at last!) Sunday I'm going to look at the bit of river my mates planning to put his boat and need to work out how we can build a mooring for it, then off to by shrimps and some fish for the wife's fish tank uhhhhhg. So that's my weekend sorted so all I'm going to get done is some sanding of my x wings nose if I'm lucky and maybe some pics of my asrtonaut for here ( I've painted his face so he's not so fugly looking).

On to the scratch build then, I think I've mentioned it already somewhere but just to give an idea of what i will be trying to do here's a few pics i did a loooooooooong time ago . I have done a short bit of fiction to go along with this and will post that soon-ish ( when i get feed back).
These doodles show the progression of the idea for it but elements will change as i start building it ( it looks different in my head ) and if anyone can guess what gave me the inspiration for this they win a cookie :)

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