Wednesday, 13 May 2009

1/20 Astronaut

Here is another ongoing build that's been languishing on my desk for quite a while now. This is my first proper attempt at sculpting a figure. I used super sculpy mixed with sculpy III to give the sculpy a grey tone that helps when sculpting.
This chap will eventually be part of a diorama including a Fireball SG (stop gap) from the Machinen Krieger universe. The figure is more advanced than this now but will leave those pics for a later update (plus i can't find the pics at the moment :) I've really enjoyed doing this and have started on some more, again in 1/20 scale and i will post some of them up when time allows me to do so. I've had to abandon one as the proportions were just not right. I've done a helmet for him and hopefully will be able to figure out how to make a face plate for him, that will be the last part of the build to do.

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