Thursday, 4 June 2009

Fast Recon Ship

More progress on build No 2 for group build No 2.

LOT'S o putty (P38 car stuff) and ally mesh to form shapes and I'm looking to buy a palm sander at the weekend cuz there's still LOT'S more putty work to do. There is a definite plan going on here even tho it looks very random as it's progressed and junk an kit bits have come to the top of the greebly box ( i just get a bit of old pipe and swish it around till i spot something i like) When I've finished streamlining the bottom and where the to different pipes meet i will start on the nose and cockpit area. Still need to find a couple of 1/48 or 1/35 pilots that look scifi-ey sort of looking. Ohh I've cut of the nose err prow is it of the Carl Vincent and glued on a kinder egg after seeing a Canberra pic online. More putty arrrrrrrrggggggg.

More soon as this build is flowing quite well (in my head) so i need to get it more done before all the random kit parts i've been putting aside start getting used in other builds.


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