Sunday, 28 June 2009

Just some quick shots from our day out at the Midland Air Museum today, the first couple of shots are of (i think ) an F 4 phantom that awaits restoration by the fence. Talk about a patch up job on her, there is more shots of her and other jets to come plus some models. 3rd pic is my youngest son in one of the navigators seats of a VULCAN bomber (so cool) but very hot in there as you can tell from his face lol.
This last pic is the tribe having a picnic in front of an F86 A Saber with an F104 G starfighter to our left, and the sun was shining too.
More pics in the coming days on my photobucket site folks. Tried to get some shots that would be good refs for weathering and open panel details so i will post them on here first.

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