Saturday, 6 June 2009

Look here for inspiration

Hi, it's 1 am and i'm just back from work inebriating the masses. A most successful night from the number of times i re washed the shot glasses lol. But enough of that here's the reason i'm posting at this ungodly hour .

This has got to be one of the best sites anywhere if your looking to see the creations of a master of the scale model scratch building art. Even if you don't like Space Battle Ship Yamoto and don't understand the babel fish translations just the images along make it worth anyone's while to spend a good hour or so soaking up the skills this guy has. It's a site i will be referencing A LOT for my recon ship build, which i will be updating you all on tomorrow.
Ha ha, I apologize for the grand opinion i have of my little blog reaching that big an ordinance but it helps me push on with builds and organise my plans and thoughts so it's gotta be worth it just for that.



  1. Thanks for the link, Rich. I've been looking like crazy for this one for a month or so. This guy is really incredible. And your blog is superb

  2. Well I'm glad it was of help Rafa, that guys work is outstanding. I wonder if these are kits as he is casting them up or its just for himself? A very nice progressing of pics detailing his methods of making the masters, I'm going to have to pull my finger out and get my Vac forming box and frame built. His results using those tapered masters are very good and could be reused for any number of starting points on a scratchbuild.