Sunday, 14 June 2009

Looking to the next project

Well even i am getting a bit bored of the Recon ship so here is whats next on the bench if i don't get distracted by something even more shiny b4 i start, like making a 1/1 scale suit of space marine armour that i can wear to weddings and other family annoyances I'm forced to attend.
Anyway above is the Tamiya He162 Salamander that i will be using as a base for my Enothian Bearcub pulse jet interceptor. If you have not read Double Eagle by Dan Abnett i suggest you get a hold of a copy. So this fighter is a 40k flying machine and as such will need a fair bit of customizing to fit in with the look and feel of 40K. I'm adding some heavy piping and much more blocky looking wings like the lightning. I have mentioned b4 that i contacted the man himself (Dan Abnett) to check if I'd guessed right about his Bearcub being based on the He162 and it was what he had in mind when he wrote Double Eagle, then about 2 weeks later i find the above kit going for the handsome sum of £8.00 at a model show. So it was obviously meant to happen and I'd better get cracking on with it :)

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