Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Recon ship ideas

Well i have left the recon ship along for a couple of days now whilst ruminating on what to do next, I'm at the "do i finish it quick like or add even more siht to it" And the result, add more cuz that's what it's telling me to do. Plus a successful attempt at some home brew casting has produced some really nice stuff to stick on her and jazz up that boring rear end but hopefully not take away from the gloriously over sized engine bells (plastic champaign flutes, god bless white trash weddings)
More progress pics soon-ish, oh and if anyone's interested the NinJa scientist has been grounded till he's 9 in October or is it September. I honestly thought he was 9 already but turns out he's still 8, meh I've been 35 for the last 3 years simply cuz I forget these kind of things and if it was really important they would tattoo stuff like that on yer arm before you leave hospital wouldn't they! wouldn't they??? Anyway he's grounded till me or the wife gives in so he may get some more models done before parole time.


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