Saturday, 7 January 2012

The i know i'm spoiling you post

Well with yesterdays ramble out of my system i thought i'd post a bit about camo and my spec ops team thats taking shape. The 4 Tallern troopers i compleated over xmas i got in a care packege from a forum buddy and some where in the dim past i blogged about converting some of them with extra long laz rifles cuz i was thinking they looked cool and are in keeping with the desart feel of the Tallern. I will have a trawl in the pics to see if i grabbed any pics of the green stuff work i did. There head gear was exstended and lengthend to look a bit more like a shemagh but in a sand coloure. The entire squad has somethink linking them back to there original units and the shemaghs are the Tallerns bit of home as it were. 
All the Camos are done in similer ways as i had the forethought to write down my system but i've now decided to try some differing coloure combos using the same process so it's not to jaring. That said the officer is getting a custom camo job as he''s more likely to retain his full uniform. If he had any sence he would be trying to look more like joe trooper (snipers anyone ) but Ruperts arn't known for there common sence some times lol.
Damn it ive lost the plot again. Now onto camo in general, my system is pretty simple, i go mid grey light green then finish with a dark green or brown the wash over the top to finish off.
The grey is applied as a flat coloure to all camo areas then i use a long brush 1" to 1 1/2" bristels to blob the light green covering half the grey areas. Then it's a treble 0 brush to apply the dark green in  line effect or blobs again which ever feels right for the figuer. Finally a liberal wash or two of gryf sapia or traka green or any ink wash you may have to pull the 3 coloures together.
I've not tried this combowith alt coloures but plan to eventually. In the mean time if you haven't seen this site and need inspiration check out with 300 types listed you will find somethink that can be of help when planning a camo sceam.

Here's some old pics of a figure i did waaaaaaaaaaay back in 09 that was an experiment in camo. I used to look up different camos and decided on this one but as i progressed it changed into what you see in these final pics. This is a bigger model than 28mm about 150 mm in fact and resin to but the theory is similer as to layering up the pattern. I'll digout the pics of my Tallern for the next post and the green work pics also then i'll take the final photos of the entire squad once the captain is done. It seems i've gone of target again oh well still 11and a half months to get it right lol.

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