Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Camo camo camo camo camo

 Camo on my Tallarns oris it Tallerns can never remember, oh well not to worry. These are my Tallarns that i've added to the 28th SpD "amalg" detachment, Taskforce Hadrada Subsector.

These guys were great to paint up as there'slots of area on those smocks to get camo on to and the addition of there shemaqhs in a different camos was a last min decision but i think it works as all the 28th will have bits of kit from there old regiments and the Tallarns stand out as well Tallarns what ever youdo with green stuff lol.

As discribed a couple of posts ago the the camo was mid grey then light green then dark green to finish http://blitzspearslab.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-know-im-spoiling-you-post.html compleatly with the absecne of any pics to back it up do'h.

I can't find any pics of the shemaqhs being done (the head scarfe thingys) as i exstended them and resculptid some bits but they'll turn up i'm sure.
I'll get the hofficer and his heavy flamer side kick finished tonight and post there progress pics tommorow-ish. The heavy flamer is the samecamo as the rest of the 28th and the big cheese is having something that i think looks a bit like gumfesumpe or woodland dapple as it's modern version is sometimes called.

After i've got my Guard kick over with again for a little  while at least i'll post my progress on my warbands. I've not stalled as such it's just proving hard to find the right coloures to use on civiies.


Almost forgot to say welcome along followers 50, 51 and 52.

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  1. Those are really well done! I have a tough time with camo, keeping the splotches the right sizes is the hardest part for me. Love how yours has turned out - keep up the great work!