Monday, 15 August 2011

Inq28 ideas

Above are my embrionic ideas for some inquisitor warbands cept the top pics which are going to be my stand ins for arbatus or RT ships armsmen. They were a steal at £10.00.

Pic 2 is all GW models and may stay the same unless i add a swordswoman to the mix. Thinking hereticus for him and his crew and maybe will add some more troopers to his force will poss get some unusual figs for inq storm troopers, i've spotted some that wouldconvert nicely.

Pic 3 a randommix that i think will work but some may be added or swopped out. Guess which one i'm thinking to convert to the inquisitor.

Pic 4 is going to change the most i'm just not sure of this group, the Vostroyans are whats left of an honor guard given to the inq in gratitude for some assistance he gave to a Vos regiment in the past the girl is his pilot/investigator and the inq is a well traveled senior inquisitor, flamboyant and bombastic in his methods probably ordo Xenos with a large retinue and not known for subtlety.

As i said this is very early stages and it could change as new eye candy takes me in other directions but will try to stick to the plan.

Going to try getting some random gangers/bad guys to add to the mix maybe some necromunda guys or similer but the arbitus will have to do for now or this project will spiral out of control as usual defeating the object of trying out INQ28. Less models + less painting  time = more gaming hopefully if i can convince Matt this is fun but i'll have to do a Word Bearers crew to get him to try it out lol.


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